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Nov 5 2012

PEMUpdates 2:19pm via

A New After-Hours Clinic Model Provides Cost-Saving, Faster Care Compared With a Pediatric Emergency Department

AndyFlushant 2:06pm via twitterfeed End of Life Choices: Every day in the emergency department I work hard to cure disease and save people’s lives. When patients come th…

Nov 4 2012

MedEmIt Nov 04, 11:26pm via Web


SympoIMedicine 11:13am via Web

Emergency Department closures associated with economic factors including competition and for-profit status.

HYGlENE 8:30am via HootSuite There are around 1.9 million asthma-related emergency department visits each year in the U.S.. About 9 people die from asthma each day.15 retweets
klausfuture 5:46am via Twitter for iPhone At urgent care centre. I have job + insurance, am paying $15. Woman next to me has no job no insurance. She’s paying $129. Jesus wants this?
AnthropDem Nov 03, 8:04am via Web Improving Womens Health Care: 47 million women with private insurance can get mammograms w/no co-pay…
ASQ_Amanda Nov 03, 7:40am via HootSuite Hospital staff still afraid to report patient safety concerns–certainly doesn’t help healthcare quality efforts.

ASQ_Amanda Nov 03, 7:30am via HootSuite Good tips for health systems to create a patient safety program in this Becker’s Hospital Review article.
amednews Nov 03, 5:29am via TweetDeck Wal-Mart gives major boost to domestic medical tourism movement retweets

nytimeshealth Nov 03, 4:51am via The New York Times Well: The Mental Fallout of the Hurricane retweets
ASQ_Amanda Nov 03, 4:01am via HootSuite Show your softer side. Why technical and scientific skills just aren’t enough in today’s workplace.

amednews Nov 03, 3:54am via TweetDeck

Meningitis outbreak tests physician trust in compounding pharmacies

EventsQueens Nov 01, 7:28am via Twitter for BlackBerry® Important #tip: if you need to see a doctor after hours (non life-threatening) the Hotel Dieu Urgent Care Centre is open until 10pm daily.
HealthDataGov Oct 31, 6:32am via HootSuite See how people are using #healthdata to create apps to improve health for consumers, communities & providers #APHA12 retweets

amednews Oct 31, 6:27am via TweetDeck Walgreens launches program aimed at preventing hospital readmissions retweets
HITNewsTweet Oct 31, 5:32am via HootSuite Sandy hammers Northeast, hospitals hurting in aftermath | #Healthcare IT News from @EMcCannHITN6 retweets

ReportingHealth Oct 31, 4:22am via bitly

great wrap-up: Hospitals face Hurricane Sandy power outages, failed generators – FierceHealthcare

ReportingHealth Oct 31, 4:08am via bitly

Heartbreak: The Health Impacts of #Frankenstorm #Sandy,+ ideas for follow-ups #Storify


NaseemSMiller Oct 31, 3:38am via Tweet Button US firm accused of manipulating journal articles and paying millions to authors:… #investigation6 retweets
charlesornstein Oct 31, 3:08am via Storify My #storify on questions about hospital generator failures last night. #sandy #nolakatrina5 retweets
UtahData Oct 31, 12:51am via Web Community Snapshot for Southeastern Utah Local Health District – All Available Indicators… commonwealthfnd Oct 27, 10:10am via HootSuite Health insurance tracking survey of US adults sees profound income divide in #healthcare. Highlights importance of #hcr amednews Oct 27, 8:32am via TweetDeck Doctors tell how they use social media as professional watercooler lygidakis Oct 27, 8:29am via Safari on iOS

75M U.S. adults used mobile phones for health-related activities in 2012, up from 61M in 2011. #mhealth #ehealth…


commonwealthfnd Oct 27, 8:20am via HootSuite

New video outlines the need to improve care for vulnerable populations & explains how #ppaca helps #hcr

amednews Oct 27, 7:13am via TweetDeck

“Frequent flyers” not seen as abusing emergency departments


directorhsc Oct 27, 7:13am via TweetDeck

Feasibility of a Wiki as a Participatory Tool for Patients in Clinical Guideline Development

Berci Oct 27, 6:00am via TweetDeck Medical Studies Showing Largest Benefits Often Prove to be False…

commonwealthfnd Oct 27, 5:25am via HootSuite

Join a Nov. 16 webinar to learn how to benchmark health care performance on


scotthensley Oct 27, 3:16am via HootSuite Ex-Medicare head Berwick calls on foundations to restore civility in US health debate.… #rwjf40 via @brucejapsen5 retweets
CIN_online Oct 27, 3:02am via twitterfeed New Article: Implementation of an Emergency Department Information System: A Qualitative Study of Nurses’ Attitu…
Biff_Bruise Oct 27, 2:52am via TweetDeck MT @kurtstat Visualizing emergency department activity. A way of combining volume, length of stay & casemix in 1 graph:…
amednews Oct 27, 2:47am via TweetDeck Senators request an analysis of what has been referred to as an HHS “slush fund”

amednews Oct 27, 2:40am via TweetDeck

The American Academy of Pediatricians supports laws to increase firearm protections @AAPNews

eqpaho Oct 27, 2:35am via Twitter for iPhone

Lancet – New voices in global health and sustainable development #sdoh…

HarvardHSPH Oct 27, 2:23am via HootSuite

This @nytimes piece speaks to the need for evidence-based decision making in #healthcare


amednews Oct 27, 2:06am via TweetDeck

Good #MobileMorning: Older patients join crowd consulting Dr. Internet

SprintApps Oct 27, 1:04am via SocialEngage

Feeling funny? Search symptoms and find where to go for treatment with iTriage, a medical #sprintappoftheweek

MedHealthNews Oct 26, 10:00pm via twitterfeed

@kevinmd Why healthcare is a boon for private equity #health #medicine

ARCHcanhelp Oct 26, 8:35pm via HootSuite

“…the number of emergency department visits linked with non-alcohol energy drinks was 1,128 in 2005 but 13,114 in 2009” #USA #healthnews

seriouslymc Oct 26, 9:42am via TweetDeck

RT @brycewatch: Citizens Council for Health Freedom outlines potential for private health insurance exchanges

amednews Oct 26, 8:11am via TweetDeck What keeps physicians in rural areas? Stats: retweets
ASQ_Amanda Oct 26, 6:33am via HootSuite This month’s Healthcare Update focuses on the hot topic of patient safety. See the full issue here: commonwealthfnd Oct 26, 3:46am via HootSuite David Blumenthal in @AnnalsofIM | The 2012 Presidential Election: It’s #HealthCare, Stupid! #PPACA

haddadda Oct 26, 3:36am via Web 10 things you need to know about your health information. What you can and cannot share,… megbeingthere Oct 25, 10:33pm via Web The Family Doctor, Minus the M.D.… an interesting read about nurse practitioner-managed primary care #publichealth Etcos Oct 25, 11:39am via twitterfeed Emergency department visits increase, but not solely by uninsured: More than one in five people in Colorado regu… Berci Oct 25, 8:40am via TweetDeck Be informed. Hospital quality varies widely by state, within states, even within hospitals…


Austin_CP Oct 25, 8:14am via City And Press St. David’s health care announced Wednesday that after “careful consideration” the private marshall_allen Oct 25, 6:43am via TweetDeck Hey nurses, docs and other providers – we here @ProPublica want to hear your thoughts on #patientsafety: nytimeshealth Oct 27, 5:01am via The New York Times Well: Lifesaving CPR Varies by Neighborhood retweets

commonwealthfnd Oct 27, 4:12am via HootSuite New Quality Matters: Helping patients make better treatment choices with decision aids

SmyrnaGirl Oct 27, 3:47am via HootSuite

T4: Do public health depts typically share data with private practitioners? Seems like a good data relationship in the making #HITsm

GAJazzynurse Oct 25, 12:46pm via twitterfeed

‘Fit to Practise’ Checks Raise Concerns Among Doctors: A doctor at the Accident and Emergency department at Birm…

Taco324 Oct 25, 4:53am via Twitter for Android

Middle-class can’t afford their own health care premiums. @DeanBaker13 health care benefits for public & private…

amednews Oct 25, 4:18am via TweetDeck

RT @kevinmd: Is customer satisfaction in healthcare a gateway to corruption?

Science_Alerts Oct 25, 3:47am via Evaluating Emergency Department Resource Capacity Using Simulation ScienceIndex_ Oct 25, 3:32am via Emergency department factors associated with survival after sudden cardiac arrest Informatics4CH Oct 25, 3:03am via HootSuite NEWS: Nationwide Health Information Network Exchange now a public-private partnership: #Healtheway (via @HITNewsTweet)

KarynSPrice Oct 25, 2:49am via Web CCHF Pens New Report, Touts Strength of Private Health Exchanges over government-run models: TheTruthMonster Oct 25, 2:42am via Tweet Old Post Private Practice: A Look at the Security of Electronic Health Information #tfb #prt #tcot amednews Oct 25, 1:39am via TweetDeck Substance abuse among U.S. military declared a public health crisis


ColoradoTrust Oct 25, 1:35am via Web

New data from the 2011 Colorado Health Access Survey released today on emergency room/emergency department use #CHAS2011

TheLancet Oct 25, 12:50am via HootSuite

The absence of any limits on our appetite for medical care has been a central challenge for the USA


PennineAcuteNHS Oct 25, 12:49am via Web Building work has started on creating a new dedicated area for poorly children at Rochdale Infirmary Urgent Care Centre…1 retweets

rocketsurgery99 Oct 25, 12:49am via TweetDeck

iTriage app refers patients to lower cost care centers when appropriate. #CHEST2012

HeatherMCurtis1 Oct 24, 11:45pm via Tweet Button

Emergency Department Re-Opens Following Freon Leak At Suburban – Bethesda, MD Patch…

MarktheSpaman Oct 24, 10:03pm via Tweet Button

Performance Health and Wellness bought by private-equity firm |… via @modrnhealthcr spa #spa #massage

nytimeshealth Oct 24, 2:01pm via The New York Times

A Town’s Passion, a Retired Doctor’s Concern

kjillhall Oct 24, 1:17pm via Tweet Button

D.C. board votes to close private health insurance market…

MCWL02133 Oct 24, 11:38am via Facebook

Senate President Therese Murray joins public and private sector health care innovators from across Europe and the…

amednews Oct 24, 9:19am via TweetDeck

Fewer than 1% of medical residents want to practice in a community of less than 10,000 people

amednews Oct 24, 9:01am via TweetDeck

More than half of seniors online use the Internet to manage their health care, talk to their doctors

M_Lin Oct 24, 8:49am via HootSuite

Finally, a publication extolling positives of social media in medical education rather than the negatives! #FOAMed


ermedservices Oct 24, 7:25am via Facebook Great read: How an emergency department embraced mobile. Is mobile changing how you practice medicine?… amednews Oct 24, 4:36am via TweetDeck Report identifies what makes high-intensity primary care more successful UHhospitals Oct 24, 3:02am via HootSuite Emergency care designed specifically for seniors at UH Bedford and UH Richmond medical centers

amednews Oct 24, 2:38am via TweetDeck

What hospital-led ACOs want from physicians

amednews Oct 24, 1:16am via TweetDeck

Good #MobileMorning: Influx of newly insured a prompt for practices to rethink patient flow

businesspress24 Oct 23, 10:13pm via

Emergency Medical Associates Named to Modern Healthcare’s Top 10 Emergency Department Contractors List

amednews Oct 23, 7:03am via TweetDeck What makes 20% of physicians think using social media sites is a bad idea? retweets

commonwealthfnd Oct 23, 6:49am via HootSuite

Two distinct paths: Briefing report on #Healthcare in the 2012 Presidential Election

amednews Oct 23, 6:16am via TweetDeck

How rural practices are changing to attract doctors to rural areas

commonwealthfnd Oct 23, 2:49am via HootSuite

.@CMSinnovates “thrilled” at response to a grant program aiming to transform state #healthcare delivery systems

MargieWeiss Oct 21, 12:15am via Tweet Button

ED Interventions | Emergency Department Overuse, Case Management…

emergencyprep3 Oct 20, 8:54pm via

Morton to build new Emergency Department

businesspress24 Oct 23, 10:13pm via

Emergency Medical Associates Named to Modern Healthcare’s Top 10 Emergency Department Contractors List

amednews Oct 23, 7:03am via TweetDeck What makes 20% of physicians think using social media sites is a bad idea? retweets

commonwealthfnd Oct 23, 6:49am via HootSuite

Two distinct paths: Briefing report on #Healthcare in the 2012 Presidential Election

BestEMConf Oct 20, 12:56am via HootSuite

Emergency Medical Associates Named to Modern Healthcare’s Top 10 Emergency Department Contractors List

PrivateEyeNews Oct 19, 11:10pm via Web Patients complaining about sub-standard private health care get little joy from toothless watchdog: #HCA #ISCAS55 retweets

JulieLeask Oct 18, 7:40am via Tweet Button Public health is not “public hospitals”. It’s this. Great infographic from American Public Health Association retweets

amednews Oct 18, 6:20am via TweetDeck Culture clash between insurer, hospital system results in merger meltdown retweets

MedCostAdvocate Oct 18, 5:10am via Web Medicare may decide the election. It’s where presidential politics and policy collide.…1 retweets

amednews Oct 18, 4:46am via TweetDeck RT @HarvardSPH_ECPE: Why Patients Leave Hospitals With a Bad Taste In Their Mouth – bbchealth Oct 17, 6:12pm via twitterfeed

Meningitis outbreak firm raided

NTNU_UB_Medbib Oct 17, 5:19pm via Web

How an Emergency Medicine Department embraced mobile and is going to the Cloud…

HealthCareUS Oct 17, 1:17pm via twitterfeed

Eight Tips for Assessing Private Health Exchanges: What factors should employers consider in selecting a private…

LynnBlewett Oct 17, 12:59pm via Web 2/3 private policies in MN had no labor and delivery benefits –
WebMD Oct 17, 11:54am via Web If you want to compare the candidate’s positions on health care check out our chart: #debates71 retweets

WebMD Oct 17, 11:47am via Web Want to check your health care reform knowledge? Take WebMD’s quiz: #debates9 retweets

WebMD Oct 17, 11:41am via Web

WebMD’s professional site, Medscape, has great debate, election info on health care: #debates

WebMD Oct 17, 8:08am via Sprout Social

Before #heartburn keeps you up tonight, learn these simple tips to stop it & get some good #smoke #eat #pillow

19 retweets amednews Oct 17, 8:00am via TweetDeck

Pediatricians say minimum benefits levels for private plans on #HIEs may not cover children adequately

amednews Oct 17, 6:15am via TweetDeck

Differing company cultures can stress or break affiliations between insurers and health professionals


TriZetto Oct 17, 6:12am via Trizetto #Medicare is launching new initiatives to reward hospitals for good clinical practices. Read more: retweets

garyschwitzer Oct 17, 5:20am via TweetDeck Common error: Absence of evidence is often reported as evidence of absence of effect. @hildabast, editor of @PubMedHealth. #NIHMiM122 retweets

dailykos Oct 17, 4:50am via twitterfeed Watch Paul Ryan wash dishes that were already clean in soup kitchen photo op retweets

OCCUPY_HEALTH Oct 08, 8:21am via Twitter for BlackBerry® Private Health Insurance pays doctors about $25 for an office visit. most of the premium$ are used to pay shareholders their profit1 retweets

OCCUPY_HEALTH Oct 08, 7:55am via Twitter for BlackBerry® For Profit medicine (private health insurance) has reduced the the average doctor visit to 7 minutes

OCCUPY_HEALTH Oct 08, 7:52am via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Private Health Insurance has one goal-to make a PROFIT for Shareholders at the expense of the patients and doctors.

tomgazaway Oct 08, 7:45am via HootSuite

Health care startup finds opportunities in the private sector

RWJF_HumanCap Oct 08, 7:01am via HootSuite US health care rationing? #RWJF Investigator’s book says US already rations care by income, insurance, zip code, more: retweets

OCCUPY_HEALTH Oct 08, 6:43am via Twitter for BlackBerry® Find out why Private Health Insurance = Ponzi scheme designed like a Las Vegas-the house always wins retweets

picardonhealth Oct 08, 5:43am via Web 90 people contract #meningitis (7 dead) from tainted steroids shots &… via @KitFrieden1 retweets

commonwealthfnd Oct 08, 5:17am via HootSuite

Video: Karen Davis talks about what the presidential election means for the future of #Medicare

MarthaRaymondRN Oct 08, 3:40am via

Hospice News Daily is out! ▸ Top stories today via @SaveBulliED @SanDiegoHospice

amednews Oct 08, 2:54am via TweetDeck Today kicks off Nuclear Medicine Week snm.org1 retweets

commonwealthfnd Oct 08, 1:33am via HootSuite

New report contrasts the potential impact of implementing the #PPACA in full with Romney’s #healthcare proposal

GlennEllisSr Oct 08, 1:28am via Facebook…

JLownLaw Oct 08, 1:26am via Web

Romney would fire Big Bird, but reinstate subsidies to private insance cos, reopen #seniors#Medicare donut hole #ACA…

amednews Oct 08, 7:38pm via twitterfeed

Medicaid’s high marks on preventive care contrary to its stingy image


amednews Oct 08, 7:38pm via twitterfeed Medicare knee replacements surge 162% since 1991 retweets

amednews Oct 08, 5:32pm via twitterfeed

Will a “silent exodus” from medicine worsen doctor shortage?

PeopleSearchFor Oct 07, 3:45pm via twitterfeed

How to make smart healthcare choices during open enrollment season: Starting this fall, all private health insur…

TheSpitefulChef Oct 07, 1:10pm via Echofon the government needs to allow insurance companies to dictate health care for the private sector?!?! Really, Bill?? #rumble20121 retweets

kimQED Oct 07, 1:09pm via TweetDeck O’Reilly being booed by audience for saying health care should be run by private insurance companies #rumble2012 MDLinx Oct 07, 12:52pm via twitterfeed

Geriatric urolithiasis in the emergency department: risk factors for hospitalisation and emergency mana… #urology

MDLinx Oct 07, 4:13am via twitterfeed

A Profile of Nonurgent Emergency Department Use in an Urban Pediatric Hospital: Pediatric Emergency Care #ER

theadvocatebr Oct 07, 1:07am via Facebook Lane Regional Medical Center reports a jump in visits to the emergency department, while Baton Rouge General’s…
PedCareonline Oct 06, 9:51pm via twitterfeed New Article: Low Rates of Follow-Up With Primary Care Providers After Pediatric Emergency Department Visits for … FrancisWalcot Oct 06, 5:13pm via WordPress_Twtr-Blog

Impact of Type of Insurance Plan on Access and Utilization of Health Care Services for Adults Aged 18-64 Years Wit…

AMCWellness Oct 06, 12:13pm via twitterfeed

Romney Offered No Real Alternative to Obamacare, Only Distortions About …: Under Obamacare, private health ins…


prostatediaries Oct 06, 11:37am via twitterfeed Private health screening tests are oversold and under-explained | Margaret McCartney: Health screening can cause…
MGHAcademy Oct 06, 11:16am via HootSuite Interesting article & perspective: “Some emergencies need more than the emergency room” — #healthcare2 retweets

FrankPasquale Oct 06, 11:13am via Twitter for iPhone “Reimbursement rates under the Medicaid program lie well below those of private insurers”… AlecMacGillis Oct 06, 8:15am via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Jack Welch giving more evidence why it may not be best idea to expect all aged retirees to navigate the private health insurance market.


amednews Oct 06, 8:13am via TweetDeck ACGME extends accreditation abroad to improve physician training retweets

philcsolomon Oct 06, 8:03am via Timely by Demandforce Health Insurance Exchanges: Long on options, short on time

amednews Oct 06, 7:48am via TweetDeck

Physicians in 15 states may face audits of their claims for E&M services

ChoptankHealth Oct 06, 6:34am via Facebook

The Choptank Community Health System, Inc. (CCHS) is a private, non-profit community health center providing…

philipjcohen Oct 06, 5:56am via Web Dissolution of private employer health care plans in the District of Columbia for small employers. Where’s the choice?…
amednews Oct 06, 4:29am via TweetDeck How to identify a malingering patient. 6 tips on detecting deception: retweets

WebMD Oct 06, 4:28am via Sprout Social 6 tips for surviving the day after a bad night’s #sleep: retweets

amednews Oct 06, 3:59am via TweetDeck

CDC says hand-washing rate in hospitals is around 50%. Should patients ask their docs if they’ve washed up?

amednews Oct 06, 3:44am via TweetDeck

Health plans now required to provide consumer-friendly summaries of the coverage they offer patients


amednews Oct 06, 3:25am via TweetDeck 34 medications are potentially inappropriate for use in patients 65 and older. Here’s a list of the top 10 retweets

commonwealthfnd Oct 06, 3:20am via HootSuite

.@commonwealthfnd Pres. Karen Davis discusses #healthcare in the 2012 elections on @PBS‘s ‘Open Mind’

commonwealthfnd Oct 06, 12:47am via HootSuite

Are electronic health records making a difference? Ck out @AllHealthReform briefing materials and video w/ @amjaudet:

3 retweets amednews Oct 06, 12:35am via twitterfeed

Insurers begin using standardized consumer guides

MedCostAdvocate Oct 06, 12:18am via Web

Ninety-one people including doctors, nurses and other medical professionals charged with Medicare billing fraud.…

CHEPhealthed Oct 05, 11:55am via HootSuite

98% of #Emergency Department #Healthcare workers experienced #verbal #violence in 2011.

janemillsjcu Oct 05, 10:12am via OS X New ICN Nursing Edu Network Bulletin to which I have contributed a piece on nurses caring for nurses, particularly GenY…

ReportingHealth Oct 05, 9:07am via bitly

useful roundup of analysis on what candidates said about health in last night’s debate: #debate #obamacare

foundationnews Oct 05, 5:49am via twitterfeed

Hospital foundation raising $4M for emergency department – Nanaimo Daily News #nonprofit

DeltaHospFDN Oct 05, 5:16am via HootSuite

RT @TsawwassenHomes: Delta Hospital turns a million pennies into IV pump – Delta Hospital’s emergency department will be getting a…

Gems_n_Eyes Oct 05, 12:59am via Twitter for BlackBerry®

I swr ppl use the Emergency Department like a walk-in clinic, the perks of free health eh, I tell ya!!!! *SMDH*

BerylHealth Oct 04, 11:45pm via Social Marketing Hub

Emergency Departments are overflowing, but that’s where we see opportunity: #rnchat

WebMD Oct 04, 1:25pm via Web

Remember: You can ask health care questions for next debates that will go straight to moderators! #debates

32 retweets neiltyson Oct 04, 1:18pm via TweetDeck

Cutting PBS support (0.012% of budget) to help balance the Federal budget is like deleting text files to make room on your 500Gig hard drive

Aug 13 2012

whatrugonnado 1:40pm via Web

@PaulRyanVP private health insurance. Exactly what you think these companies adds to the economy?…

AJKauf7 1:35pm via Twitter for iPhone City Missions provide FREE health care to poor via private donations. Obama never considered that? Prefers fascism. @JWTwitch @dplotkin450
WebMD Oct 04, 1:12pm via Web Romney: As Governor didn’t say my way or the highway on health reform #debates25 retweets

WebMD Oct 04, 1:09pm via Web Romney: Health care is best for the private market, free enterprise is better than “board” to lower costs. #debates WebMD Oct 04, 12:13pm via Web

WebMD’s professional site, Medscape, has great debate and election info on health care: #debates

10 retweets WebMD Oct 04, 12:05pm via Web

Want to check your health care reform knowledge? Take WebMD’s quiz: #debates

AMHateRadio 10:55am via Web @davidgregory Oh: And How About MediCare Advantage:Its Private Senior Health Insurance Not Traditional MediCare @PaulRyanVP
BlazePhoenix_ 9:22am via Web MEDICARE: Gov’t Directly Pays doctors/hospitals/health care providers. Ryan will give Seniors coupons to TRY to get private insurance #tlot doodlebug0 9:19am via Web @CoronaRay Romney/Ryan also want to ‘voucherize’ veterans health care. Romney said he thought private insurance would be better.

Omnicell Oct 04, 9:02am via HootSuite

When working to reduce hospital readmissions, the Emergency Dept is a good place to focus: @hospreviewmag explains:

eMedicalOffices Oct 04, 9:02am via HootSuite It’s here! It’s here! eMedical Offices is now on iTriage. Check it out at!1 retweets

Steve_Beryl Oct 04, 8:54am via LinkedIn The Emergency Department is Overflowing With Opportunity CH_Warewithall Oct 04, 5:00am via Web

The emergency department at South Shore Regional in Bridgewater is in midst of emergency itself. No beds for 15 patients who were admitted

EMNews Oct 04, 4:54am via Facebook “Some 20 percent of U.S. adults report using the emergency department at least once a year, and everyone had a…

MedicaidTalk Oct 04, 4:11am via HootSuite

Success Story: #Medicaid Pilot Program Demonstrates Decrease in Emergency Department … – Sacramento Bee

MedReimburse Oct 04, 2:33am via Web

“Improving Emergency Department Patient Satisfaction Rates” (PDF):…


MDLinx Oct 03, 6:29pm via twitterfeed The impact of wound age on the infection rate of simple lacerations repaired in the emergency department: Injury #ER

jen_h 1:10am via Tweet Button

“The long-term story behind the deficit projections is of course […] exploding private sector health care costs”…

AkronChildrens Oct 03, 10:30am via SocialOomph

#Mommyblogger Megs writes about her role in planning for the ideal emergency department #spinabifida


AwareOfYourCare Oct 03, 10:03am via Aware of Your Care Hospital Observation Units: Avoiding Inpatient Admission After Treatment in the Emergency Department:

VoceraCom Oct 03, 5:59am via Web Communication between hospitalists and emergency department staff is helping improve patient flow. More from @amednews:

medicaid Oct 03, 2:38am via twitterfeed

Medicaid Pilot Program Demonstrates Decrease in Emergency Department … – Sacramento Bee

MedReimburse Oct 03, 12:45am via Web “Solution for Emergency Department Follow-Up” (PDF):… emergencyprep3 Oct 02, 7:48pm via

Southcoast Health System eyes switching its provider for emergency department services

emergencyprep3 Oct 02, 7:15pm via Southcoast Health System eyes switching its provider for emergency department services
mariawolters Oct 02, 6:46pm via Echofon Dealing with non-emergencies in a US Emergency Department – great summary… cc @fourhourtarget @silv241 retweets

mobiuschic42 Oct 02, 3:08pm via Echofon @ljs39” If you do not have a primary care …our Emergency Department can help.” Show Conversation

urchoice_health Oct 02, 11:51am via twitterfeed Another insurer invests in urgent care to cut emergency department visits acutecareinc Oct 02, 8:21am via

Medicaid Pilot Program Demonstrates Decrease in Emergency Department Visits and Hospitalizations for Patients with Serious Mental Illness…

3BL_Health Oct 02, 3:27am via Medicaid Pilot Program Demonstrates Decrease in Emergency Department Visits and Hospitalizations… #health @PRNhealth Urgent_Matters Oct 01, 11:20pm via HootSuite

Surge management helped one Texas hospital improve care in the ED

CHPUpdate Oct 01, 9:09am via Facebook

Remodeling of Emergency Department at St. Rita’s Medical Center

afuturemd Oct 01, 8:55am via Tumblr medicalstate: Emergency Medicine. My schedule has folded into the emergency department. Here, I had an opport…
Groarkey Oct 01, 7:45am via Web Just back from urgent care medical centre. Great service! Lovely doc was able to get the shard of glass out of my foot! Wooop! @Medhattan EHRworkflow Oct 01, 2:27am via Socialyzer App

Workflow Accelerator “manages Emergency Department patient throughput” interesting graphics!

MatthewMahoney8 Sep 30, 11:24pm via HootSuite

Lab closure forces shutdown of Gouverneur hospital – People were turned away from the emergency department Friday ni…

breakingniagara Sep 29, 4:58am via

Urgent care centre to stay open during parade

amednews Sep 03, 7:18pm via twitterfeed

500 practices selected for primary care management fee demo


amednews Sep 03, 7:18pm via twitterfeed Physician whistle-blowers can sue hospitals without delay, appeals court rules retweets

amednews Sep 03, 6:39pm via twitterfeed Evolution of the hospitalist retweets

amednews Sep 03, 6:39pm via twitterfeed

As more patients see physicians again, health plan earnings drop

amednews Sep 03, 4:35pm via twitterfeed

Will concierge medicine’s image improve as it evolves?

JICare Sep 03, 3:15am via Twitter for iPhone

JIC/NaHSSA Student Essay Award 2012 winner Alexandre Tran paper published: “Acute caring” in the emergency department…

1 retweets amednews Sep 03, 2:21am via TweetDeck

60 years after President Truman proposed a “single payer” plan, the idea still has little support #VaultPick

amednews Sep 03, 2:21am via TweetDeck

Michael Moore’s 2007 movie, “Sicko,” also sought support for federal health insurance #VaultPick


amednews Sep 03, 2:21am via TweetDeck 60 years after President Truman proposed a “single payer” plan, the idea still has little support #VaultPick retweets

amednews Sep 03, 2:20am via TweetDeck

Health care history: 9/2/1948 — Citing the Ewing report, President Truman calls for a federal health insurance program

the_PRNDL Sep 02, 9:44am via Web

@nipshnardx allowing us to stay on parents health care till late 20’s,more jobs in private sector,improved world relations…

debmoosky Sep 02, 5:19am via twitterfeed

The Current State of Complementary Health Care Insurance Coverage: The NCCAM has found that private health insur…

commonwealthfnd Sep 02, 1:05am via HootSuite

This podcast explores how #ACOs will change the way we think about care and how we pay for it.

nytimeshealth Sep 01, 2:41pm via The New York Times

First Death Is Reported From New Pig Flu Strain


drjimcarey Sep 01, 10:18am via QuickStats: Percentage of Adults Aged 18–64 Years Who Made Two or More Visits to an Emergency Department in the… WebMD Sep 01, 7:00am via Sprout Social

Thinking about having a non-prescribed 3-D or 4-D #ultrasound during your #pregnancy? Helpful info to read first: #baby

amednews Aug 31, 11:42pm via twitterfeed

Good intentions aside, public health strategies vary in effectiveness

__THEALLURE Aug 31, 10:54pm via Tweetlogix It’s a damn fire in the emergency department & all the babies on NICU NE hv to be evacuated….Smh TIME Aug 31, 8:20pm via HootSuite

Do military veterans get worse treatment in big cities? |

ShrinkGov Aug 31, 6:01pm via TweetDeck

@JackHart67 My guess is that we will have two health systems as a result of this, one private (for people who pay up) and a ratty public one

tiborian Aug 12, 11:28pm via Web

Lest we forget: Ayn Rand died while collecting Medicare and Social Security. #PaulRyan #gop #Austerity #Election2012 #p2

nytimeshealth Aug 12, 2:59am via The New York Times

Ambiguity in Health Law Could Make Family Coverage Too Costly

commonwealthfnd Aug 12, 1:20am via HootSuite

More than half of women whose maternity care is financed by Medicaid lose coverage 60 days after giving birth:

August 12 2012

johnkgreens Aug 11, 4:59pm via Twitter for iPhone

Dow Chem and Monsanto knew dioxin present in Agent Orange and knew consequences. Profiteers of war have no morality

DouglasLMcSwain Aug 11, 10:46am via Tweet Button

Private Health Ins. Exchanges are Market Reforms Spurred by the ACA – Private exchanges face variety of challenges…

Kazi_Australia Aug 11, 10:19am via twitterfeed

Hepatitis tests start in New Hampshire; hospital faulted: BOSTON (Reuters) – Testing started on Friday on the pa…

RayHolman4Labor Aug 11, 8:40am via Twitter for iPhone

1300 nurses, psychologists and mental health professionals to be out on their ear. If MDOC sends health care work to a private Company

RayHolman4Labor Aug 11, 8:38am via Twitter for iPhone The bidding process will be completed by August 29 all healthcare and mental health work could be farmed out to private sector ( MI prisons)
billschrier Aug 11, 7:47am via HootSuite Hackers steal, encrypt health records from private medical practice and hold the data for ransom – @BloombergNews
amednews Aug 11, 6:18am via TweetDeck How safety-net hospitals fare on patient satisfaction. Stats:

amednews Aug 11, 6:02am via TweetDeck

How IOM advice would lower or raise Medicare pay. Details by region:

amednews Aug 11, 5:48am via TweetDeck The fates of Medicaid’s “newly eligible”

WeRunMiami Aug 11, 5:28am via twitterfeed

Jackson Health System board holds private meeting: Jackson holds private strategy session on physician services,…

suleikajaouad Aug 11, 5:23am via Web

Sick people dont plan on getting sick. We shouldnt have added worry that a medical crisis could become a financial one

SeniorBiz Aug 11, 5:19am via twitterfeed

First Lady talks private sector jobs, health care reform at Bethlehem campaign …

HighlandPkIns Aug 11, 4:32am via Buffer

Insurance News – HHS Announces Public-Private Partnership to Prevent Health Care Fraud [Health & Beauty Close – Up]

amednews Aug 11, 4:20am via TweetDeck

Ways to devote time and attention to patient satisfaction

BudgetHawks Aug 11, 2:44am via Web

Goldwein: Health care is growing so much that rationing may be necessary. Choice is btwn public or private rationing. #delveinto12

Emotter75 Aug 11, 2:31am via iOS

I don’t completely agree with this; I only see two real options in the future and neither includes private insurance.…

commonwealthfnd Aug 11, 2:00am via HootSuite

The state health insurance exchanges launch in 18 months. This map shows state progress and compares #HIX laws:

susanjones21 Aug 11, 1:28am via twitterfeed

Maine health insurer gets $62.1M in federal financing: The private insurers are meant to provide affordable insu…

amednews Aug 11, 1:06am via TweetDeck

RT @KHNews: Medicare Seeks To Cut Number Of Seniors Denied Nursing Home Coverage After Hospital Stays

amednews Aug 11, 12:23am via TweetDeck

Access to FAIR Health database could aid the study of regional health spending and treatment protocol patterns


StopTheHIT Aug 11, 12:13am via Web The skyrocketing cost of private health insurance is forcing many business owners to abandon employer-provided plans
commonwealthfnd Aug 10, 11:00pm via HootSuite To overcome declining govt subsidies, public hospitals must cut costs, improve quality & attract insured patients retweets

ASQHealthcare Aug 10, 10:42pm via Web Doctors caught between patient pain, prescriptions. (HealthLeaders) How aging pays off for hospitals. IndigoGRITS Aug 10, 9:29pm via Safari on iOS State employees pay 27.5%; private sector pay 20.9% for health ins. Haley gets it wrong again.… BostonDems2012 Aug 10, 12:46pm via The Romney Private Equity Defense Conservatives HateBloombergSaul responded by noting that… 2ndstorysales Aug 10, 10:55am via Web Medica’s 4th care system ACO on a private exchange using #definedcontributionhealth… HealthNewsFL Aug 10, 9:12am via SocialOomph Judge urged to block private prison health care. #health 1want2live4ever Aug 10, 7:25am via Buffer Health insurance provided by competing private companies is inherently inefficient and destructive of people’s health REFORMEDLIBERAL Aug 10, 5:00am via Web

Memory Lane: HHS’s gag order on private health insurers – forbidding them to inform seniors about the implications of Obamacare. #tcot

eyespotstore Aug 10, 12:51am via Sprout Social

Private practice physicians now joining hospital staffs Concierge Refractive Eyecare @eyespotstore See Well Live Well!

DrNordal Aug 10, 12:25am via bitly

Public or private health insurance exchanges: buyers beware, complicated stuff.| Modern Healthcare

GetInsuredcom Aug 10, 12:15am via HootSuite Five states and few private #healthinsurance companies cover rTMS treatment for #depression:
GNWHealth Aug 09, 11:24pm via HootSuite Gorman Health Group Launches Gorman University, a New Training Platform for Medicare’s Private Sector Partners
MushKat Aug 09, 9:24am via TweetDeck I’ve had amazing health ins thru my union (private) for yrs. Little to no co-pay. Well, no more. Had massive co-pay today #ObamaBuiltThat drsmartcom Aug 09, 6:32am via twitterfeed Putting Contractors on Notice: The New Public-Private Partnership Joins DOJ, HHS, and Private Sector Partners to…

amednews Aug 09, 5:25am via TweetDeck How to treat a patient like a valued customer retweets
ReachScale Aug 09, 5:07am via Echofon US health system or, anti-system, consumes nearly $2 trillion annual & does not deliver the value it should. MT @jranck retweets
charlesornstein Aug 09, 4:34am via TweetDeck To Stent Or Not To Stent, That Is In Question, by my colleague @marshall_allen…2 retweets

commonwealthfnd Aug 09, 4:31am via HootSuite

Promising state #Medicaid strategies for lowering maternal and infant death rates and preterm births:

CLukeNicholson Aug 09, 4:07am via Web

Through private markets!! RT: @davidfrum Why universal health coverage is a conservative reform…

amednews Aug 09, 4:01am via TweetDeck

New CBO report lowers cost of Affordable Care Act by $84 million


UnboundJustice Aug 09, 3:59am via Web

As he lay in the hospital, he spoke halt­ingly his last words on this earth: ‘How much will this cost?’ –… #healthcare

UNALocal115 Aug 09, 3:24am via Facebook

Expenses scandal prompts call for … private health care No surprise here, the usual opponents of public health…

M_P_T Aug 09, 3:06am via Sprout Social Focusing on deliverables: how lessons from the private sector could reform health care with #innovation – Rita Numerof
EasyLivingFL Aug 09, 1:00am via HubSpot Medicare does pay for some home health care. What’s covered and where does “private duty” care come in?
commonwealthfnd Aug 08, 11:15pm via HootSuite RT @SaraCollins_: Study 89m people age 4-64 had a gap in #healthinsurance 2004-7; 23m lost coverage more than once #ACA
WestatHC Aug 08, 10:51pm via TweetDeck Dr. Dutta: Globalization trend- use of public/private partners for delivery of #health solutions #hcmmconf
booiespot Aug 08, 10:28am via LinkedIn Can Hospital Chains Improve the Medical Industry? HealthPlanSanD Aug 08, 10:26am via Tweet Old Post How One Can Compare The Public And Private Health Insurance amednews Aug 08, 6:53am via TweetDeck Few patients can define medical ID theft. Stats: CAOneCare Aug 08, 6:01am via twitterfeed Economist says private health insurance more wasteful than single payer: Economist Gerald Friedman explains the … AbEcSys Aug 08, 5:38am via Web

Unnecessary procedures good for private #hospitals#profits. (… #health #healthcare #usa #us

amednews Aug 08, 5:25am via TweetDeck

A Colorado court ruling enables certified nurses to deliver anesthesia to patients independently

amednews Aug 08, 4:05am via TweetDeck

Under federal law, doctors in Alaska and the frontier states are paid at higher Medicare rates

3 retweet

NASWCalifornia Aug 08, 3:37am via HootSuite

Unfortunate findings on minorities and emergency department overcrowding. Article from @CalHealthline

commonwealthfnd Aug 08, 2:11am via HootSuite

New Study: Policymakers should focus on minimizing #healthinsurance coverage gaps in public and private plans

amednews Aug 08, 1:19am via TweetDeck

Good #MobileMorning: Physicians seeing patient visits rebound in 2012

commonwealthfnd Aug 08, 12:25am via HootSuite

Public hospitals facing financial squeeze may need to revamp their business strategies:

HRA105 Aug 08, 12:03am via Tweet Button

Understanding Private Health Exchanges Webinar… via @ZaneBenefits

commonwealthfnd Aug 07, 11:00pm via HootSuite

#Medicalhomes created in New Orleans post-Katrina improved access, but sustainable safety-nets require extra support

healthywoman542 Aug 07, 8:43am via twitterfeed

Aging baby boomers face home health care challenge: Private agencies that employ home health workers blame state…

normanswan Aug 07, 8:17pm via Tweet Button

terrifying: Hospital Chain Inquiry Cited Unnecessary Cardiac Work

nytimeshealth Aug 07, 9:52am via The New York Times

Hospital Chain Internal Report Found Dubious Cardiac Work

stpaulbuzz Aug 07, 8:56am via

Governors aside, feds building health care markets: Republican governors who’ve balked at creating new private…

amednews Aug 07, 8:40am via TweetDeck

Safety-net hospitals may be strained by an influx of patients under health reform

amednews Aug 07, 7:45am via TweetDeck

Physician visit volume rose by 4.8% over the second quarter of 2012

commonwealthfnd Aug 07, 6:36am via HootSuite New study: strategies to promote #ACOs for vulnerable populations retweets
healthdotmil Aug 07, 6:26am via HootSuite #PTSD: The dreaded four letters you don’t have to fear #milhealth8 retweets

amednews Aug 07, 5:39am via TweetDeck

Only 8% of patients rank price as the top factor in choosing a doctor or hospital

amednews Aug 07, 4:11am via TweetDeck

Should nurse anesthetists be allowed to administer anesthesia to patients without physician supervision?

DnB360 Aug 07, 3:15am via HootSuite

Private financings in digital health more than tripled in the first half of 2012. #Infographic #BI Via @RWW

amednews Aug 07, 3:10am via TweetDeck Massachusetts health reform runs into access problems retweets

commonwealthfnd Aug 07, 3:00am via HootSuite

Generic drugs saved consumers more than $1 trillion over 10 years:

amednews Aug 07, 1:51am via TweetDeck

Pertussis outbreak prompts questions about whether booster doses are needed


MedCostAdvocate Aug 07, 12:20am via Web Where ‘Socialized Medicine’ Has a U.S. Foothold. Interesting perspective on the confusion around the U.S. system.…1 retweets

cbccornerbrook Aug 06, 11:47pm via Facebook

When you gve your private medical information to health professionals, you expect it to be seen only by the…

amednews Aug 06, 3:05pm via twitterfeed

Physicians seeing patient visits rebound in 2012

johndwaddell Aug 06, 10:32am via HootSuite

TSMAssociates MA to cap health spending, private & public, at state growth rate

DanRodricks Aug 06, 9:36am via Tweet Button

Massachusetts will be first state to try to cap overall health care spending, both private and public

KimberlyHadsell Aug 05, 10:00pm via Tweet Button

U.S. Officials Brace for Huge Task of Operating Health Exchanges transparency of the federal govt? Private contractors?

ReachScale Aug 05, 1:12pm via Echofon Those who think USA best system in world>cold hard facts indicate we’re ranked 37th in world and trending downward.…

gdchristian Aug 05, 7:47am via Kindle

Private health insurance is requiired to spend 80 cents of every dollar on heathcare. Co…… #Kindle

bfederman Aug 05, 6:50am via HubSpot In 2011 only 69% of private industry workers had access to employee health insurance benefits.
commonwealthfnd Aug 05, 6:30am via HootSuite Chart: US Women Not Getting Need Care Because of Costs: retweets fullofbalogna Aug 05, 5:54am via Twitter for iPhone @maytwodecemberPrivate health insurance companies have overheads 30-40%, Medicare 3-4%. Which one is lower? Private Ins = 37% waste. SocialistHealth Aug 05, 5:53am via Facebook in the public interest it is desirable that everyone should be encouraged to seek competent medical advice at the… commonwealthfnd Aug 05, 5:00am via HootSuite Is your state moving toward the establishment of health insurance exchange? Find out with our interactive exchange map: DrKC4 Aug 05, 1:34pm via Twitter for Android Employer-based health insurance was created as a way of getting around gvt-mandated wage controls. LEAVE PRIVATE SECTOR ALONE! #tcot

Health_News_AR Aug 04, 9:33am via Web

Ill. ASC files antitrust lawsuit against insurer, health system An ambulatory surgery center in Illinois has filed a private antitrust la

KUCancerRN Aug 04, 2:01am via Web

Innovative Telehealth: critical 2 “Care Close to Home” mission. Public/Private partners adv health in Heartland

powe2550 Aug 04, 12:49pm via Twitter for iPhone

To my American conservative friends, I’m not less free than u b/c I have gov’t health insurance. And u r not more free b/c yours is private.

aysyunepha Aug 04, 6:15am via TweetCr

#Medicare Fact: Medicare Advantage policies are #health plans offered by private #insurance companies.

eqpaho Aug 04, 6:13am via Web

Incentives, health promotion and equality #SDOH

amednews Aug 04, 5:50am via TweetDeck

Some sleep centers face financial problems as payments go down, technological changes alter how testing is delivered

jdpink Aug 04, 5:44am via Tweetbot for iOS

Private health insurers have very clear incentives: make submitting a claim as difficult as possible and delay as long as they can.

amednews Aug 04, 5:38am via TweetDeck Getting Personal: The Promises and Potential Pitfalls of Personalized Medicine (via @VMethics)2 retweets
amednews Aug 04, 5:29am via TweetDeck The CDC is trying to determine whether adults who received Tdap vaccine need booster shots retweets

amednews Aug 04, 4:53am via TweetDeck

First pill to prevent HIV is only for some patients

Relationshipcoa Aug 04, 4:19am via Facebook

In the 1950’s the Hoxsey Clinic in Dallas was the world’s leading private health center, and had branches in…

oobp Aug 04, 4:05am via twitterfeed New VA bill adds private clinicians to telemental health network #veterans
TBI_ArmyWife Aug 04, 3:37am via Tweetbot for iOS New bill expands use of telemental health services to veterans: #milhealth1 retweets

2020microclinic Aug 04, 3:24am via LinkedIn

The m-Health solutions hyped for low-income countries could be more impactful if the private sector joins the m-Health…

amednews Aug 04, 3:06am via TweetDeck

House bill would prevent deep cuts to Medicare pay rates in 2013

richardblogger Aug 04, 3:01am via Yasst

“Many patients have multiple complex needs, few have a single episode of care” this is why private providers r bad idea


amednews Aug 04, 2:58am via TweetDeck

Up to 30% or $765 billion of annual health care costs are potentially avoidable

amednews Aug 04, 2:58am via TweetDeck

Up to 30% or $765 billion of annual health care costs are potentially avoidable

amednews Aug 04, 1:44am via TweetDeck

4 ways social media can improve your medical practice #hcsm


amednews Aug 04, 12:53am via TweetDeck For Immunization Awareness Month: New curriculum helps medical residents talk about vaccine safety retweets
amednews Aug 04, 12:52am via TweetDeck For Immunization Awareness Month: Teen vaccination rates improve with middle school vaccine mandates retweets
amednews Aug 04, 12:51am via TweetDeck August is National Immunization Awareness Month retweets
ersie Aug 04, 12:49am via NetworkedBlogs Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance Coverage in the Private Sector

ElectRodneyIL Aug 04, 12:41am via Web

Touring new construction at St. Johns Hospital in Springfield. $170 million in PRIVATE investment in health care! #IL13

ASQHealthcare Aug 04, 12:32am via Web Managing Disruptive Docs in a New Era of Hospital-Physician Relations (Webcast): RT@HealthLeaders
NoyesHospital Aug 04, 12:28am via Web Kudos to Noyes Rehab Team-Best Private Practice & Outpt Facility! Read more at

dpeelmd Aug 04, 12:25am via Tweet Button

Forbes: expects private sector to restore personal control over health data/but they caused the problem via @ShareThis

apohurebpi Aug 04, 12:20am via TweetCr So if I didn’t have private health insurance, my diagnosis 5 yrs ago wld have bean a death sentence? Way to go Affordable Healthcare Act.
HeartSisters Aug 04, 12:02am via Web “Private insurers are parasites on the US health care system”; how payment models affect doctors’ behavior… @CMAJ_News

Medical_Discuss Aug 03, 11:33pm via Medical Discussions

One smart idea: give vets access to private mental health resources – Join talk at:

commonwealthfnd Aug 03, 11:30pm via HootSuite New study: 89 million Americans were uninsured for at least one month from 2004 to 2007: retweets
amednews Aug 03, 11:29pm via twitterfeed Pertussis outbreak prompts questions about whether booster doses are needed retweets

amednews Aug 03, 11:16pm via twitterfeed

AMA urges CMS to delay dual-eligible demo

mW_ Aug 03, 10:12pm via Echofon

Why the idea of sale of public hospitals by former La. secretary of health, who now WORKS FOR PRIVATE HOSPITAL COMPANY, isn’t a story….

debypowter Aug 03, 9:58pm via State Attacking Private Health

BuzinLaw Aug 03, 9:27pm via Facebook

Why you should demand more from your hospitals….

nytimeshealth Aug 03, 2:26pm via The New York Times

Interfaith Medical Center in Brooklyn Says It May Need State Bailout

WebCollect Aug 03, 1:00pm via TwitPublisher

Saving Tips About Private Health Insurance

glorioso4ny Aug 03, 12:12pm via Web

NY hospitals have successfully buried 40,000 medical mistakes/problems in a hidden database

DirtmodeNomads Aug 03, 9:05am via Twitter for iPhone

I was offered a private investigation job for Anerican Family Health Care so believe what U want. They killin people with the word NO.

DCoEPage Aug 03, 9:00am via HootSuite New bill expands use of telemental health services to veterans: #milhealth2 retweets

THCBstaff Aug 03, 7:54am via Web

“Private health insurance plans have higher administrative costs than Medicaid and also tend to pay providers more.”

LegalAnalysis Aug 03, 5:42am via jdsupra

Federal Government and Private Sector Launch Sweeping Health Care Fraud Prevention… | by @abramslaw #Health #Law

dhilipYo Aug 03, 5:14am via Private hospitals fuel C-section epidemic: According to the recently released Annual Health Survey deliveries by…

amednews Aug 03, 5:02am via TweetDeck

A WellPoint-Amerigroup deal would give it managed care contracts in 19 states, including the 4 most populous ones

amednews Aug 03, 3:54am via TweetDeck

75% of physicians with an #EHR say the system improved care

Bermelinc Aug 03, 3:17am via Web

#Medicare Fact: Part C (Medicare Advantage) provides Medicare-approved, private #insurance for your #health care coverage.

amednews Aug 03, 2:50am via TweetDeck As part of federal budget sequester plan is slated to cut physician pay by 2% in 2013

amednews Aug 03, 4:20am via TweetDeck Most popular last month: Sharp increase expected in number of nurse practitioners

commonwealthfnd Aug 03, 1:54am via HootSuite

.@NEJM by Ezekiel Emanuel, John Colmers, Michael Chernew, and others on bending the #healthcare cost curve

amednews Aug 03, 1:06am via TweetDeck

VA finds 3 years isn’t enough to reduce health costs following bariatric surgery


amednews Aug 03, 12:51am via TweetDeck Groups aim to teach resident physicians to weigh costs in care retweets

amednews Aug 03, 12:26am via twitterfeed

One-year Medicare pay freeze proposed in House

WebMD Aug 02, 11:35pm via Sprout Social

Military veterans carry heavier health burden than non-veterans, according to new CDC report ^DrC

amednews Aug 02, 10:51pm via twitterfeed

Risk adjustment needed when doctor pay is based on patient load

KeithDarce Aug 02, 10:30am via HootSuite

Private financing of digital health cos. by VCs more than tripled in 1st half of 2012 to $499B via HealthTechZone

timoreilly Aug 02, 9:15am via TweetDeck

One reason that healthcare costs so much is concentration of market power in big private providers like Partners Health

amednews Aug 02, 8:20am via TweetDeck

Who has adopted EHRs? Breakdown by practice characteristic:

amednews Aug 02, 8:08am via TweetDeck

Surgeons balk at withdrawing life support after medical errors

booiespot Aug 02, 7:45am via HootSuite

RT @PhysicianAssist: Shorter MD training may lead some hospitals to more efficient staffing, & physician assistants:…

OMBWatch Aug 02, 4:04am via Web

Did you know that between 2008 and 2011, 26 major, profitable US corporations paid ZERO dollars in federal income tax?

commonwealthfnd Aug 02, 3:50am via HootSuite

Starting today, #ACA reg requiring free preventive services for women goes into effect. Why US women need this support:

amednews Aug 02, 3:50am via TweetDeck

Countdown to dual cuts: Physicians face double-digit SGR pay reductions plus an additional 2% cut

HealthNewsPR Aug 02, 7:39pm via twitterfeed

Monitor launches consultation on private role in healthcare – eGov monitor #health

honefonsul Aug 02, 6:55pm via TweetCr

#RomneysFirst100DaysAsPOTUS Medicare Ceases Paying 4 Medical Bills 4 Seniors! NOW you Get $400/mo to Find PRIVATE Health Ins!

nytimeshealth Aug 02, 2:36pm via The New York Times

National Briefing | Washington: Medicare Wants More Time to Study Cost of Security Fix


nytimeshealth Aug 02, 2:36pm via The New York Times

Thousands Await Testing For Hepatitis By ‘Serial Infector’

APS_Media Aug 02, 2:33pm via Web

Decline in use of antidepressant medication attributed to Better Access

nytimeshealth Aug 02, 2:13pm via The New York Times

Well: Less Hospital Noise Improves Patient Care

ConspiracyQuean Aug 02, 2:01pm via TweetCaster for Android

Private insurers forced to payout $1.1 billion, paving the way for bankruptcy & govt takeover – #ThanksObamacare!

ReachScale Aug 02, 1:22pm via Echofon

US health system or, anti-system, consumes nearly $2 trillion annual & does not deliver the value it should. MT @jranck

DeafNewsToday Aug 02, 1:00pm via twitterfeed Insurance and Hearing Aids in Mass.: A Massachusetts bill would force private health insurance companies to cove… retweets
afshanhealthcar Aug 02, 12:53pm via twitterfeed Democrats, Republicans offer rival views to control health costs: In the private sector, the plan advocates “tie…
amednews Aug 02, 3:26am via TweetDeck The initial rush by investors in sleep centers appears to have come to an end as insurance payments slowed down retweets nytimeshealth Aug 02, 2:37am via The New York Times Massachusetts Aims to Cut Growth of Its Health Costs amednews Aug 02, 1:20am via TweetDeck For Psoriasis Awareness Month: The skin problem’s connection to overall health is not fully understood retweets amednews Aug 02, 1:16am via TweetDeck Private shared-savings deal puts half of future raises at hospital system at risk amednews Aug 02, 12:30am via twitterfeed

Groups aim to teach resident physicians to weigh costs in care

MedCostAdvocate Aug 01, 11:44pm via Web

Mass. lawmakers approved a bill designed to save up to $200 billion in health care costs over 15 years. Read more:…

chbenevolent Aug 01, 8:46pm via Facebook

Good website for various federal, state, and private health insurance plans that provide for the reimbursement of…

PaulHouchens Aug 01, 8:16pm via Timely by Demandforce

Discussion on the interaction between private and public health insurance exchanges: #EmployerHCR

healthkoe Aug 01, 4:00pm via healthkoe

Don\’t Worry, the Feds Say Your Medical Information Will Be Kept Absolutely Private…

TheBrettGall Aug 01, 1:39pm via Web

Mandated prefunding of employee health benefits for 75 years into the future (unheard of in private sector) costs an extra $5 billion/year.

commonwealthfnd Aug 01, 4:09am via HootSuite

U.S. women have the highest health care costs. But starting tomorrow, women will receive more free preventive care #ACA


WebMD Aug 01, 4:00am via Sprout Social Research suggests #sleepwalking is fairly common, but still #dangerous. Find out who’s most at risk: @thesleepdoctor9 retweets

amednews Aug 01, 3:58am via TweetDeck

Walgreens-Express Scripts deal ends lengthy pharmacy standoff

amednews Aug 01, 3:10am via TweetDeck

Growing evidence shows doctors are shutting down their small private practices to join larger health organizations

7 retweets amednews Aug 01, 2:15am via twitterfeed

Surgeons balk at withdrawing life support after medical errors

amednews Aug 01, 1:40am via TweetDeck

Appeals court rules against a drug company that negotiated to keep a generic drug off the market


amednews Aug 01, 1:22am via TweetDeck Good #MobileMorning — Physician quality: What’s age got to do with it?
amednews Aug 01, 1:16am via TweetDeck Medicare payments for on-site sleep testing quadrupled from 2001 to 2009 retweets
amednews Aug 01, 12:58am via TweetDeck For Medicare milestone: Medicare financing options will be revisited in November

amednews Aug 01, 12:58am via TweetDeck

Health care history: 7/31/1965 — President Johnson signs Medicare into law in Independence, Mo.

commonwealthfnd Jul 31, 11:23pm via HootSuite

New ‘Talking Health’ episode on patient-centered #medicalhomes will air at 2 pm and 8 pm today on CUNY TV

amednews Jul 31, 11:09pm via twitterfeed

Private shared-savings deal puts half of future raises at hospital system at risk


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