New Campaign Video Released May 21st 2013

The Save Bulli ED Group were approached by WHY Documentaries in 2012 to produce a video about the fight to save Bulli Emergency Department and why the Emergency Department is such an important service to maintain. The video is an attempt to try and inform the community about why this fight is critical and to gain support from the broader community and community organisations so that the NSW Government cannot say this fight is simply a ‘special interest group’ concern. The video is complete and is going to be released on May 21st as part of the Neighbourhood Forum Meeting that is held at the Thirroul Community Centre from 7pm. The video will be on our site from Wednesday 22nd May 2013 for all to view. To keep this essential service the ENTIRE community and relevant organisations must stand up and be counted on this issue. To show your support sign the petition on the link

Thank you
The Save Bulli ED Group