Health Cuts Begin to Bite 1988-2008

  • 1988 – 23 initial Area Health Services are merged to form ten, ostensibly to create greater autonomy & authority to local administration – Illawarra & Shoalhaven were merged under Illawarra Area Health Service
  • 1988 – Health Cuts mean Bulli Hospital Maternity to close – community outrage
  • 1992 – Bulli Hospital celebrates its centenary & Hospital chief refutes claim of hospital community closure concerns – Ward One Alderman Kerrie Christian (a Co Convenor of Save Bulli ED) referenced
  • 1992 – Bulli Hospital – under threat of closure or downgrading – Save Bulli Hospital Committee Chair Jenny Fares says growth in health needs of the region has been underestimated
  • 1992 – Bulli District Hospital – The First 100 Years by Syd Atkins is published
  • 1997-98 – Health Services Act 1997 consolidated administration of health institutions under one piece of legislation – but no significant changes to Illawarra Area Health Board
  • 2001 – Statement on history of Bulli Hospital in NSW Parliament by David Campbell MP for Keira citing previous proposed closures by former Greiner Lib State Government
  • 2004 – Ambulances ordered to bypass Bulli Emergency Department
  • 2004-05– Following 2003 IPART Review, restructure of NSW public health administration, decisions taken to
    • reduce the number of Area Health Services from 17 to 8 – to create a more streamlined administration structure to unlock resources to be directed to frontline clinical services.
    • Area Health Boards replaced with CEO’s; also Area Health Councils were established
  • 2005 – Illawarra Area Health Service and South Eastern Sydney Area Health Service abolished to be replaced by South Eastern Sydney-Illawarra Area Health Service
  • 2008 – Garling Report recommends closure of Bulli Emergency – Group forms to fight it
  • 2008-10 – More on outcomes of Garling Report & NSW Government response – “Caring Together – Health Action Plan for NSW”
  • 2008 – ALP Member for Heathcote Paul McLeay commits to Bulli Emergency staying open

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