Bulli Hospital Heritage Timeline

Bulli Hospital was opened over 100 years ago in 1893 and for a long time was known as Bulli Cottage Hospital.

The Wollongong City Library has some old photos of the hospital in their Local Studies Images Online Collection. Some of our favourites include :

  • 1890-1900 – old sketch or picture of Bulli Hospital
  • 1900-1910 – a lot of changes to the surrounding area since then
  • 1908 – nursing staff ? (well at least the uniforms have changed since then !)
  • 1955  – look at those old Holdens in front of the building which outwardly seems to have changed little since 1955
And the Bulli District Ambulance Station of the 1930-40’s too.
Then there’s the stories of the hospital’s celebratory & turbulent journey :

Beginnings 1888 – 1900:
  • 1888 – First action to establish Bulli Cottage Hospital – support of  Colliery Managers – public meeting held
  • 1890 – Mrs Organ donates land for Bulli Hospital
  • 1890 – More on Mrs Organ’s donation, McKinnon land donation & Dr Clifton Sturt donates 10 pounds – Henry Fry elected President of the Board – locality “enthusiastic”
  • 1891 – Funds to be raised for Bulli Hospital
  • 1892 – More on Mrs Organ’s donation, Colliery proprietors subsidise donations, Government gives 500 pounds
  • 1892 – 22 Tenders received for Bulli Hospital construction
  • 1892 – Foundation Stone laid by F Woodward former Member for District
  • 1892 – Construction completed
  • 1893 – Bulli Hospital opened by Lady Darley accompanied by NSW Governor Sir Frederick Darley

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