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Nov 4 2012

Private hospitals have higher standard of care because they are funded on a profit model.… How can #NHS Trusts compete?


DrGrumble 7:25pm via Web

Private companies including Circle, Virgin Care and Serco have won NHS contracts worth over £700 million this year.…

DrEoinClarke 10:32am via Tweet Button

Has Richard Branson joined the Tory Cabinet? Feels like it…


morganmpr 8:48am via Tweet Button Public Healthcare System using private healthcare services BBC News – NHS use of private sector rising

DrEoinClarke 8:41am via Tweet Button

Exclusive: Virgin have had 12 Ministerial meetings with Jeremy Hunt, David Cameron, George Osborne etc. this year…

AngusCarruthers 7:33am via Tweet Button

#Atos doctors and nurses raise concerns over signing of Official Secrets Act… via @Daily_Record


DrEoinClarke 6:57am via Web 2 NHS Trusts spark recruitment drive for permanent NHS Staff as they admit agency staffing were crippling…23 retweets
savethemid 6:31am via shareaholic Coleraine Chronicle – News – Maternity unit ‘safe’? –
savethemid 6:31am via shareaholic Coleraine Chronicle – News – Hospital services ‘safe’ – health chief – via Shareaholic
savethemid 6:24am via Web Causeway Hospital being considered to go WHSCT is to bypass legal acute care requirements,and will not be commissioned as an acute hospital
savethemid 6:18am via Tweet Button EU rules are driving maternity and casualty closures via @Telegraph

gdhanson 6:01am via Tweet Button

Workers’ rights on health and safety to be scaled down – UK Politics – UK – The Independent…

Blackbirdhello 5:27am via Tweet Button

Atos misled government in securing its disability assessment contract | – Wait till private health providers get going!

DrEoinClarke 2:26am via Web

NHS Bosses are conspiring with Virgin, Serco & Circle Health to hide future job losses from NHS Nurses & Staff. .…

DrEoinClarke Nov 03, 10:51pm via Tweet Button

.@royalhospital Your decision to hire 40 Nurses will save millions on Agency Staffing costs & save lives. Thank you.…


socialindepth Nov 03, 10:05pm via Web

Campaigners call for written guarantee that private companies will not be able to exploit new rules on NHS health care…


DrEoinClarke Nov 03, 10:05pm via Tweet Button NHS bosses are putting the share prices of Virgin, Serco & Circle before the safety of patients & well being of staff.…29 retweets
queennoreen Nov 03, 9:36pm via TweetCaster for Android This is where you realise that private health oncology support is a week day thing .”policy” teams dont work a Saturday! @BupaUK #disgrace
MarianSAnderson Nov 03, 7:28pm via Twitter for Android @MichaelWhiteyes it will turn into an Urgent Care Centre but all acute/trauma will go to ‘proper’ A&E in Northampton Show Conversation MarianSAnderson Nov 03, 7:26pm via Twitter for Android @mulberrybush our Urgent Care Centre was supposed to be a small hospital…we have already had downgrade…& they ar
DrEoinClarke Nov 03, 10:18am via Web Is this why the Tories have never published the NHS Risk Register? Honestly, I think it is.……40 retweets

DrEoinClarke Nov 03, 10:18am via Web SERCO Betrayal: 4 weeks ago NHS workers were told their jobs were safe now 20% of them are getting SACKED:……25 retweets
DrEoinClarke Nov 03, 8:07am via Web Shocking New Report into “Competition” in the NHS warns that Competition may cause more deaths among patients.…
NottsTUC Nov 03, 6:42am via Twitter for iPhone Under previous government fewer people took private health insurance as NHS was widely considered excellent #savethenhs @BroxtoweSaveNHS
DrEoinClarke Nov 03, 6:05am via Tweet Button Is this why the Tories have never published the NHS Risk Register? Honestly, I think it is.…
DrEoinClarke Nov 03, 5:57am via Tweet Button Breaking News: New Report into “Competition” in the NHS warns that Competition may kill patients.…
MargoJMilne Nov 03, 3:18am via Tweet Button Teenage Boy’s Letter Accusing ATOS Of Killing Father Delivered To IDS Office via @samedifference1 UKuncut Nov 03, 1:24am via Web Update on #Atos, who lied to win a gov’t contract and are accused by a teenager of killing his dad

mendi14 Nov 03, 12:05am via Twitter for iPhone

Just been 2 the urgent care centre, nothing urgent bout that place! #rubbish

socialindepth Nov 02, 7:28pm via Web

43% said they expected Government’s NHS reforms to make things worse – presumably the other 57% haven’t been watching…


Hurstingstone Nov 02, 6:31pm via Twitter for Android Never ever trust Tories with Our NHS….Kettering General Hospital is to be downgraded,Cameron has not promised it won’t be
bbchealth Nov 02, 6:29pm via twitterfeed Trust reveals £1bn PFI overspend retweets

Hurstingstone Nov 02, 6:27pm via Twitter for Android

Serco axe 115 jobs at NHS Suffolk community services,claiming it will make it better,this a month after getting the contract…. Pure evil

DrEoinClarke Nov 02, 4:20am via Tweet Button

NHS carve up is happening much quicker than many of us feared.. 518% increase in “Spire” & “BMI” taking NHS work.…

Hurstingstone Nov 01, 5:38pm via Tweet Button

Tories hand our NHS files yet they wont – Genetic profiteering: scandal of firm ‘hiding vital breast cancer data’ –…

nhslincolnshire Oct 31, 9:17pm via HootSuite

@AmyB_1992 Skegness hospital has a 24 hours Urgent Care Centre where you can be seen and treated anytime without an appointment.

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labour52rose Oct 31, 8:41pm via Tweet Button Now it’s serious. Virgin Care failings at Croydon Urgent Care centre is putting lives at serious… via @DrEoinClarke4 retweets
DrJackyDavis Oct 31, 8:24pm via Mobile Web Research shows first time voters had 2 fears at last election – second was that they would wreck the #NHS. BINGO!14 retweets

DrJackyDavis Oct 31, 8:22pm via Mobile Web

Research shows first time Tory voters had 2 fears at last election – first that the Tories would look after their mates…

cheekynurse11 Oct 31, 7:19pm via Tweet Button

NHS axeman looking to make £20bn of cuts quits to work for private health firm…

bbchealth Oct 31, 12:20pm via twitterfeed

Elderly ‘housebound’ by fall fear

DrEoinClarke Oct 31, 12:03pm via Tweet Button

Virgin are failing NHS Patients at 9 separate Medical Centres & Hospitals in England…. The sham of private healthcare…

DrEoinClarke Oct 31, 9:11am via Tweet Button

.@Jeremy_Hunt Why did you give a £4m bailout to Circle Health but you refuse to bailout a NHS Trust?…


unisonroger Oct 31, 9:01am via Twitter for iPad “@DrEoinClarke: Virgin Care accuse C4 Dispatches of lying but this evidence collected today proves otherwise:…”17 retweets

DrEoinClarke Oct 31, 8:49am via Web

If you want to help save Lewisham A & E Ward as well as their Maternity Ward you can email NHS consultation at ” ”

DrEoinClarke Oct 30, 8:30pm via Tweet Button

Now it’s serious. Virgin Care failings at Croydon Urgent Care centre is putting lives at serious risk warns inspectors…

DrEoinClarke Oct 29, 10:34pm via Tweet Button

18% of medical staff to be axed at South London Trust. Financially a stupid move. Cut agency spend not proper NHS staff…


DrEoinClarke Oct 29, 10:24pm via Tweet Button

1st ever bankrupted NHS Trust to be broken up, downgraded, sold off & part privatised. A sad day for South London NHS…

DrEoinClarke Oct 29, 8:02am via Tweet Button NHS Trust pays £25million to G4S, Consultants etc. but refuses to “free drugs” to save the life of a 29 year old woman.…60 retweets

patientopinion Oct 29, 6:57am via TweetDeck “Why has it taken so long to provide #scan results and follow-up appointment for my wife?” RVI Newcastle #NHS
val_hudson Oct 29, 6:16am via Tweet Button Shameful. The Tories handed Circle Health a NHS Hospital despite knowing these 7 things in advance.… via @DrEoinClarke6 retweets

DrEoinClarke Oct 29, 5:55am via Tweet Button

.@JDjanogly As MP for Hinchingbrooke, please intervene to protect 247 NHS staff facing the sack:…

UNISONOurNHS Oct 29, 12:43am via Facebook

NHS wastes £7million on sham consultation over A via @MailOnline


AisneUK Oct 28, 11:55pm via Tweet Button BBC News – Hinchingbrooke losses double Circle Health estimate nurses fewer under their new ‘vision’ for hospital.1 retweets
thesundaypeople Oct 28, 11:17pm via Twitter for iPad Fury at privately run NHS hospital’s £4m loss. Union calls for rethink…4 retweets
maxindien Oct 28, 11:09pm via Tweet Button Sick joke, Tory fat cats, Ashcroft bankrupt the first privately run NHS hospital and cause a £4m loss retweets

DrJackyDavis Oct 28, 10:42pm via Mobile Web

.@marcuschown GPs reduced to advising patients not to use the service. And they promised power to docs and patients!


scouseware Oct 28, 10:36pm via Web

Some ppl do a service because they care for others. Others purely to make money. ‘#NHSPublic Vs #NHSPrivate#WhoWillCareTheMost #aNoBrainer


marcuschown Oct 28, 10:13pm via Twitter for iPad

NHS in southeast London under extreme threat. If you live there, you need to stand up now to defend your services.

scouseware Oct 28, 10:36pm via Web

Some ppl do a service because they care for others. Others purely to make money. ‘#NHSPublic Vs #NHSPrivate#WhoWillCareTheMost #aNoBrainer


marcuschown Oct 28, 10:13pm via Twitter for iPad

NHS in southeast London under extreme threat. If you live there, you need to stand up now to defend your services.

DrEoinClarke Oct 28, 9:11am via Web

Tory Donors, Circle Health, begin asset stripping Hinchingbrooke Hospital as plans advance to sell £4 million of land.…


LabourLeft Oct 28, 6:58am via Web… “Proof That David Cameron Has Lied About NHS Waiting Times.” By @DrEoinClarke7 retweets

DrEoinClarke Oct 28, 2:46am via Tweet Button

Secret document reveals Circle Health’s bid to run the 1st privatised NHS Hospital did not offer best deal 4 taxpayers.…

DrEoinClarke Oct 28, 12:46am via Tweet Button

10 million reasons why the horrific news facing NHS patients in South London this Monday is the Tories fault.…


DrEoinClarke Oct 28, 12:43am via Tweet Button 1st ever bankrupted NHS Trust has paid £10,000,000 to Tory donors “Agency Staff” & “Private Consultants” this year.…86 retweets

DrEoinClarke Oct 27, 10:03pm via Tweet Button

Millions of square meters of NHS land is being flogged this year… Guess who its being sold to? – yes you guessed it.…

patientopinion Oct 27, 9:37pm via TweetDeck

“My daughter had to empty her drains herself and ring district nurse to report the amount” #breastcancer #NHS Bath


savethemid Oct 27, 9:22pm via Tweet Button Northern HEALTH Trust begin residential Home Sell Off – SAVE THE MID…
DrEoinClarke Oct 27, 9:06pm via Tweet Button Circle Health have begun asset stripping Hinchingbrooke Hospital as plans advance to sell £4 million worth of land.…73 retweets

martin_liz Oct 27, 8:24pm via Twitter for iPhone

There is a petition which needs signing urgently please Shortfalls to care funding affect vulnerable in community ty

the_london_HUB Oct 27, 6:25am via HootSuite

VIDEO: New A&E ‘should close’ over debt – A newly opened emergency department may have to shut just six months after…

Hither_Green Oct 27, 5:54am via twitterfeed

Lewisham Hospital to lose Emergency Department: by max (Posted Fri Oct 26, …


klq727 Oct 27, 5:41am via NetworkedBlogs The Advantages of Choosing Private Health in the UK
SaveLewishamAE Oct 27, 5:28am via Web BBC say Lewisham A&E recommended to close.… Stop them here: mention of private health yet? Hmm.. Hither_Green Oct 27, 5:23am via twitterfeed Lewisham Hospital to lose Emergency Department: by Helena (Posted Fri Oct 2…
DrJackyDavis Oct 27, 2:22am via Tweet Button Another outsourcing triumph – Castlebeck (profits before patients) care home staff jailed for abusing residents
briefself Oct 27, 12:11am via TweetDeck More to come on disgraceful Castlebeck homes – and cosy Mike Parsons link to PM David Cameron UKuncut Oct 26, 11:16pm via Web

“We have the right to warm up inside warm shops and banks.” Pensioners fight back against fuel poverty in LDN tommorow:


bbchealth Oct 26, 11:11pm via twitterfeed NHS maternity claims cost £3bn retweets

DrJackyDavis Oct 26, 10:54pm via Tweet Button

BBC reports Hinchingbrooke story but neglects to mention Circle have negotiated a £4 million ‘cash advance’ ie bale out

bbchealth Oct 26, 10:06pm via twitterfeed

Abuse home care workers jailed

bbchealth Oct 26, 8:25pm via twitterfeed Routine breast screening criticised

archangelolill Oct 26, 12:18am via Web

“I struggled to get decent care at home after my stroke” an excellent read highlighting huge gaps in social care. #NHS


DavidGWrigley Oct 25, 11:53pm via Safari on iOS A very clever move by Virgin to dissociate itself from all GPs. So they can continue to buy up NHS. Via @pulsetoday…19 retweets
keepnhspublic Oct 25, 10:22pm via Tweet Button Poole Hospital spends £500,000 on luxury ward for private patients. Slippery slope anyone?…9 retweets
DrEoinClarke Oct 25, 9:06pm via Tweet Button Shame on Cameron’s Tories: Sainsbury’s & Tesco profit from sale of £8 quid flu jabs as at-risk NHS Patients go without:…48 retweets

nursemaiden Oct 25, 9:04pm via Web

Urgent action needed to widen access to palliative and end of life care…

DrJackyDavis Oct 26, 9:48pm via Tweet Button

HSJ: Hinchingbrooke hospital (turned around by Circle in 6 months’ ) gets £4 million cash advance after posting deficit


bbchealth Oct 26, 9:27pm via twitterfeed

Hospital to cut 750 jobs by 2015

DrJackyDavis Oct 26, 5:45pm via Tweet Button

Exposed: direct cash link between Cameron and MacKinseys, architects of the destruction of the #NHS…

bbchealth Oct 26, 7:20am via twitterfeed

Privatised hospital loses £4.1m

imthenicenurse Oct 26, 5:14am via Tweet Button

Health trust will “cease to exist” after it is denied foundation trust status…


savethemid Oct 26, 5:02am via Tweet Button Northern HEALTH Trust begin residential Home Sell Off – SAVE THE MID… #tweetni #onthehill
Hurstingstone Oct 26, 4:55am via Web Transforming Pathology (Lord Carters Cock Up ) is in dire straits….the main issue is not willingness but lack if trained staff
Hurstingstone Oct 26, 4:49am via Web 6 months in and Circle DOUBLE the operating debt at Hinchingbrooke…. Private sector doesn’t work – OH and they have already pocketed £2m6 retweets
archangelolill Oct 26, 4:43am via Tweet Button #NHS Must Find Way Out Of This Mess”, Says Cris Graying After Epsom Hospital Merger Called-Off…Unbelievable !…6 retweets
savethemid Oct 26, 4:28am via Web Internal audit catches NHSCT out on reporting of Target Times, #blindfolded reports to look good #balanceofprobability
marcuschown Oct 26, 4:27am via Twitter for iPad Cameron wastes £1.6 billion in dismantling NHS & replacing with system more expensive with poorer outcomes that will leave some without care tarcusNOtoEU Oct 26, 1:57am via Web NHS was destroyed because of the 57 traitors to their party and the country NEVER FORGET

Olliehindlaugh Oct 26, 1:01am via Twitter for Android Pretty sure the only people who back up the nhs are the ones who have never had to rely on it or have private health care. archangelolill Oct 26, 12:18am via Web “I struggled to get decent care at home after my stroke” an excellent read highlighting huge gaps in social care. #NHS retweets

DavidGWrigley Oct 25, 11:53pm via Safari on iOS

A very clever move by Virgin to dissociate itself from all GPs. So they can continue to buy up NHS. Via @pulsetoday…

booiespot Oct 25, 8:26pm via HootSuite BBC News – Target to become world’s best in elderly care ‘at risk’ #RMA2012 #ACRRM #RuralDoctorsAus

6_minutes Oct 25, 1:10pm via Web

“Being measured to within an inch of our lives, both doctors and patients” Performance-related pay undermines care. Clare Gerada #GP12Live


6_minutes Oct 25, 1:04pm via Web

UK health will be “like a budget airline” – a faster queue for the rich. Clare Gerada #GP12Live

bbchealth Oct 25, 10:26am via twitterfeed

Elderly care target ‘is at risk’


hughmccloy Oct 25, 10:04am via Twitter for iPhone Just read Dr Robb erosion by stealth on hospitals. Excellent work by a former Mid Ulster Hospital doctor. The truth be told again
FalseEcon Oct 25, 10:00am via Twitter for Mac Following today’s split by 300 GPs from Virgin Care, here’s the Guardian report from March, based on our #FoI research…18 retweets
NZDoctor_news Oct 25, 9:17am via Tweet Button Scots health boards ‘under pressure to balance books’… BBC

TallPauly Oct 25, 7:18am via twicca

@Funky_Dung Bevan gave drs right to continue private work *outside* the health service. This was the price paid for a profit-free NHS.

incurablehippie Oct 25, 6:47am via TweetDeck

Does anybody know anything about how a private company called Synexus could have personal info about my health? Is the NHS selling this?


KarlTurnerMP Oct 25, 5:25am via Twitter for iPhone

Luxury ward ready for private patients at Poole Hospital. This not privatisation of our #NHS @David_Cameron?…

laverne1 Oct 25, 4:26am via Twitter for iPhone

Can’t get an appointment at the doctors for another week so considering going to the ‘urgent care centre’ for a throat infection #awkward

HaywoodsVoice Oct 25, 3:43am via Tweet Button BBC accept their report of Virgin Court case was “flawed” and now report that Virgin Childcare deal was “unlawful”…6 retweets
archangelolill Oct 25, 3:38am via Web Study Shows Govt Is Underpaying #NHS For A&E Treatments Proof Of Cash Starving To Fake NHS Inefficiency via @guardian5 retweets
SaveRosHospital Oct 25, 3:19am via Emergency Department trainees say they will all emigrate
BurnleyExpress Oct 25, 2:48am via twitterfeed Work starts on new urgent care centre at Burnley General Hospital retweets
IntenseGas Oct 25, 1:56am via Tweetbot for iOS @cornflake57 @GdnHealthcareit’s a pity we can’t make health care apolitical. Lessons to be learned from public and private sectors….2 retweets Show Conversation

jeremysallis Oct 25, 1:10am via Web

Major flooding incident at Addenbrookes Emergency Department in #Cambridge severely affecting capacity. More in the news on @BBCCambs

ProfAlanMaynard Oct 25, 12:37am via Web

@Davewwest Department of Health tiptoe around GPs 4 fear of an anti/Bevan-like eruption by these private sector/state funded entrepreneurs!

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VanguardHS_ Oct 25, 12:14am via Web BREAKING NEWS: A burst water pipe has “seriously limited” the emergency department at Addenbrooke’s Hospital.…
savethemid Oct 24, 11:29pm via Tweet Button Health proposals ‘light on detail’ say CTUC – Local – Coleraine Times:…

OrtonChirwa Oct 24, 10:48pm via Web @David_Cameron You’re an absolute disgrace. Cameron accepts donations from this private health puppet master?…

SoniaPoulton Oct 24, 9:37pm via Tweet Button

@David_Cameron If u really love the NHS, why did u accept £10,000 in donations from this private health puppet master?…


cameronsfollys Oct 24, 8:35pm via Web Jeremy Hunt: I will not tolerate British patients being put at risk [so, WILL private WHEN hospitals begin to fail!]
JackDevonauthor Oct 24, 8:02pm via Tweet Button Hackney journalist discovers 142 Lords who voted on Health and Social Care Act have links to private healthcare… NORBET Oct 24, 6:29pm via Tweet Button Health Inspectors Find Hor……

Hurstingstone Oct 24, 5:05pm via UberSocial for Android

Private run Out of Hrs GP’s lead to this- Hospitals losing money with rising numbers of A&E patients, study finds

Amardeep131313 Oct 24, 10:59am via Web… What will the impact of tendering sexual health services to the private sector be? Suboptimal care for the marginalised

DrEoinClarke Oct 24, 9:16am via Web A Tory Set-Up: NHS Watchdog names 22 Foundation Trusts at the highest risk of failing. A 35% jump in 13 weeks.…

nhs_supporters Oct 24, 7:01am via HootSuite

BBC News – NHS hearing services ‘being cut’


AndrewGeorgeLD Oct 24, 4:16am via Web George calls on Hunt to stop private companies “cherry-picking” from the NHS : #NHS27 retweets
Hurstingstone Oct 24, 2:26am via UberSocial for Android Poor NHS pay could trigger unrest in UK DrEoinClarke Oct 23, 11:59pm via Tweet Button 3 pictures that show how Virgin Care is the most aggressive tax avoider in UK private health history.… please share


JohnRLister Oct 23, 10:46pm via Web No evidence base for closing almost 1000 #NHS beds in NW London by 2015. No detailed plans yet drawn up 4 alternatives…1 retweets

DrEoinClarke Oct 23, 10:45pm via Web

Shameful: Cherie Blair & Tory Donors hav teamed up to open 100 private health clinics charging £25 for eye & ear tests…

HKJenkins Oct 23, 8:44pm via Web

@lynnejones1 OH EFF the walk-in centre is closing! i felt you needed this info! the link to sign the petition!…

DrEoinClarke Oct 23, 8:11pm via Tweet Button Cherie Blair opens 7 private health clinics that charge £25 for tests. (backed by Tory donors).…48 retweets
GabrielScally Oct 23, 8:05pm via Web So … med director of private healthcare firm becomes ‘secondary care’ doctor on CCG. #NHSis plummeting into madness.22 retweets
keepnhspublic Oct 23, 7:44pm via Mobile Web What incredible arrogance of Mr Lansley to think he knew better than entire staff of #NHS. He didn’t + now it’s a mess retweets
keepnhspublic Oct 23, 7:30pm via Mobile Web .@drwollastonmp Question for Mr Cameron. Is @RoyLilley right when he says ‘reforms’ a mess and #NHS staff in despair? retweets

DrJackyDavis Oct 23, 5:33pm via Tweet Button

Hey Mr Cameron, it’s not working! Roy Lilley exposes chaos of ‘reforms’ and finds universal despair amongst #NHS staff

Hurstingstone Oct 23, 5:24pm via Tweet Button

BBC News – NHS hearing services ‘being cut’

DrJackyDavis Oct 23, 8:43am via Tweet Button

Revolving door between public and private sector turns ever faster as politicians trouser the profits of privatisation

bbchealth Oct 23, 3:20am via twitterfeed

Review over heart hospital unit

pinkichiban Oct 23, 2:51am via Tweet Button

Cyclist with broken hip taken to hospital in furniture van after two-hour wait – no ambulances available…


DeannaJadee Oct 23, 2:32am via Twitter for iPhone Finally in bed after almost a 4 hour wait in Mk urgent care centre!! Never go there! lisybabe Oct 21, 4:04am via TweetDeck Love that the crowd booed “we’ll still cut” but turned to cheers when he said “we’ll repeal NHS bill”. Smart crowd:


Hurstingstone Oct 20, 6:48pm via UberSocial for Android If we cut NHS support services (x-ray,Pathology etc) on call & have shifts instead,the workforce would need to double & pay pensionable etc
Hurstingstone Oct 20, 6:46pm via UberSocial for Android #Torieshave devolved down to NHS trust level,cutting out Support services on call & make them shift system- they couldn’t sort it…. Kayleighh15 Oct 20, 9:32am via Twitter for BlackBerry® What type of hospital doesn’t have a accident and emergency department.

PrivateEyeNews Oct 19, 11:10pm via Web

Patients complaining about sub-standard private health care get little joy from toothless watchdog: #HCA #ISCAS


alcoholpolicyuk Oct 19, 9:41pm via TypePad Reducing violence through data: Emergency Department data sharing e-learning; DH Guidance on information sharing retweets
TaraJLamont Oct 19, 12:41am via Web Interesting study on urgent care call-handling by non-clin staff – more like clinical work than call-centre work.

TunstallHealth Oct 18, 9:50pm via Web

1000 patients across Northern Ireland are benefiting from improved care through telemonitoring [blog]

bbchealth Oct 18, 2:35am via twitterfeed Barrister heads Savile NHS probe

Hurstingstone Oct 18, 7:29am via Tweet Button Cuts deny UK elderly vital operations

Hurstingstone Oct 18, 4:25am via Tweet Button

Parasite NHS Trust Addenbrookes does it again…… Mum angry as hospital moves her 3lb baby out…

DrEoinClarke Oct 17, 8:44pm via Tweet Button

100% of the Doctors in charge of carving up £835m of NHS money in Bromsgrove & Redditch are Virgin Care shareholders.…


LabourLeft Oct 17, 8:20pm via Twitter for iPhone… ‘Health Inspectors Find Horrific Failings At Lord Ashcrofts Private Health Companies’ By @DrEoinClarke.2 retweets

Health_Survivor Oct 17, 7:58pm via Why would the private sector help struggling NHS hospitals? | Noel Plumridge PurbeckPashmina Oct 17, 6:10pm via UberSocial for iPhone

NHS in Their hands @LordTobySays

Hurstingstone Oct 17, 4:35pm via Tweet Button

Djanogly kills off CAB ,now 1/2 baked hopefuls- New group wants to fill gap left by closure of Huntingdonshire CAB…

Hurstingstone Oct 17, 4:24pm via Web Transforming(privatising GP Bloods) Pathology announcement put back until November in East Anglia- Who is responsible as SHA is not… nhs_headlines Oct 17, 9:33am via aggbot_poster

Hospital death rates jump at the weekend, according to health research firm – Telegraph…

hughmccloy Oct 17, 8:02am via Tweet Button

Mid Ulster hospital continues to be cut as Northern Trust Award in/out patient contracts to private companies-… #tweetni

TonyClewes Oct 08, 7:39am via Twitter for BlackBerry®

@mmaher70 If co.s think they will be ruined by pensions wait until Tories cut NHS and they have to provide private health care for workers.

NHSplc Oct 08, 2:36am via Safari on iOS Private ambulance firms are not being properly regulated by health regulator the Care Quality Commission #NHS…

Hurstingstone Oct 17, 6:25am via Tweet Button

Tory privatisation plans dealt blow in Cornwall

keepnhspublic Oct 17, 5:20am via Tweet Button

Local democracy triumphs in Stroud and Cornwall as Tory privatisation plans dealt blow.We can/must see off the vandals

jackson36379973 Oct 14, 3:14am via Tweet Button

Health boards ordered to explain on private child care arrangement via @Independent_ie via @ShareThis


bbchealth Oct 08, 10:51pm via twitterfeed Faulty breast tests at hospital retweets

bbchealth Oct 08, 10:51pm via twitterfeed Flu vaccine ‘withheld for safety’ retweets

bbchealth Oct 08, 10:19pm via twitterfeed VIDEO: Bone cancer checks ‘must improve’ retweets

Hurstingstone Oct 08, 10:17pm via UberSocial for Android Tory voters send poll warning to UK PM ACAPNSW Oct 08, 9:13pm via Facebook

Interesting training video on rural & remote medicine…

archangelolill Oct 08, 7:35pm via Web

Today Is Important For Both #NHS And Brave Mother Who Will Challenge Virgin Care’s Takeover #NHS Mental Health Services

skwalker1964 Oct 08, 1:31am via The letter N Tees NHS sent to all staff: “accept or be fired, but we’re being fair”

free2sayso Oct 08, 12:19am via Web

See all 490 donations worth £14,000,000 from Private Health Donors to the Tories.…#NHS-Donor-Gate. @UKLabour R as bad

markbrearleynhs Oct 07, 9:48pm via TweetDeck @Daddy_Berry1Around £40M Lancashire Women & Newborn Unit. Construction starts this month on £9M Integrated Urgent Care Centre. Show Conversation
Healthcarep3 Oct 07, 7:07pm via twitterfeed NEARLY 900,000 has been spent on private medical insurance for Essex County Council staff.: Figures released und… DrEoinClarke Oct 06, 9:18pm via Tweet Button Jeremy Hunt caught red-handed making £360,000 cash from Virgin, BUPA adverts tries to hide evidence they ever existed.…


ch1ps Oct 06, 7:34pm via Web

@OstendGudgeon @clarewolfenden I’m off to the urgent care centre shortly, probably will be there all day, have packed crisps & a book

CambridgeNewsUK Oct 06, 5:01pm via PCV3

Nursing shortages delay opening of new ward

redfoxcountry Oct 06, 1:11pm via Echofon

@CherDuncombe We have a health care system that is now being sold to private companies by the Conservatives.

bbchealth Oct 06, 11:56am via twitterfeed

NHS fund of £140m to be announced

Kennerley91 Oct 06, 10:55am via Twitter for iPhone

Oh and one final word of advice – don’t bother going to an NHS urgent care centre EVER!!! Biggest waste of time, so unhelpful!!

Sharonavraham Oct 06, 9:52am via Twitter for iPad

So can we trust the Tories with the NHS? via @Liza_Harding

keepnhspublic Oct 06, 9:49am via Tweet Button

Virgin (wouldnt know a sick child if they tripped over one) challenged over right to profit from sick children…

torytowncrapola Oct 06, 9:19am via Web

#JeremyHunt Health Minister whose company Hotcourses profits from private health firms,Virgin,Bupa,now decides he’s an authority on abortion

bradleyea Oct 06, 8:52am via Twitter for Android

“@NHSCommunities: We are a national network of community campaigns fighting to save local NHS services – please follow us and RT?” @HMCCLOY

NoToUKCoalition Oct 06, 7:52am via Tweet Button

5 reasons why Virgin Care will lose to their right profit from sick children in Monday’s court battle… via @DrEoinClarke

thislast Oct 06, 7:10am via Web

This made me stop and think:… Should I be giving blood for commercial sales to private health? It starts to feel wrong.

FordCarole Oct 06, 7:05am via Web @iancollinsuk Rules on conflict of interest are stricter for local councillors than MPs & Lords. Tories more private interests in health cos
AngusCarruthers Oct 06, 6:55am via Web Why health insurers are adding GP advice lines #NHS #SaveOurNHS… via (Don’t) @Go_Private8 retweets

SocialistHealth Oct 06, 6:55am via Facebook

People assume the private sector want to take over NHS hospitals. It might go the other way.

DrugScope Oct 06, 5:47am via TweetDeck

People Presenting to Emergency Department in Cork affected by a suspected strong batch of heroin | HSE


mykkym1 Oct 06, 5:23am via Tweet Button £16,285,437 in donations (548) to the Con-Dem government from private health interests.… via @DrEoinClarke5 retweets

mykkym1 Oct 06, 5:23am via Tweet Button

490 donations worth £14 million from private health 2 the Tories.The price it cost 2 destroy our NHS.… via @DrEoinClarke

LaurenceVick Oct 06, 3:10am via Web DH drops plans to change tariff to prevent cherry-picking of straightforward patients by private health providers…

poutingpou Oct 06, 12:57am via Web

The A&E at the Rochdale Infirmary was downgraded to an urgent care centre 18 months ago

1 retweets bbchealth Oct 06, 12:48am via twitterfeed

‘Extend doctors’ pay freeze’ call

NicolaSturgeon Oct 05, 10:42pm via Twitter for iPhone

Disabled guy at my surgery 2day – Tory welfare ‘reforms’ mean he has 2 find extra £60pm or lose house. Thousands in same position.

ligomersall Oct 05, 10:34pm via Tweet Button

Child starved to death after benefits delay – Inside Housing…

9 retweets tarcusNOtoEU Oct 05, 10:18pm via Web

Common sense about the “Austerity” scandal attack on welfare and NHS… #cameronisweak #osbornelies #nickwho?

UKuncut Oct 05, 9:33pm via Web “Get a job, then get another job which pays more or we’ll cut your benefits” This will be life under universal credit…

thisisswales Oct 05, 7:07pm via HootSuite

Llanelli Town Council has declared war on plans to downgrade Prince Philip Hospital’s accident and emergency department

ChildhoodAsthma Oct 05, 6:38pm via Web

Childhood Asthma: Facts You Should

leicesterliz Oct 05, 6:10pm via Echofon

Labour warned of cuts to cancer & stroke experts in June Govt denied, but now confirmed

Run4demHills Oct 05, 5:31pm via Tweet Button

Mother fights convicted tax fraudster ….. @richardbranson‘s £132m NHS bonanza –… via @Independent


demsoc Oct 05, 5:10pm via HootSuite RT @greconsulting: Unbelievable! 40% of disabled people have never used the internet – half of all digitally excluded retweets

Hurstingstone Oct 05, 4:06pm via UberSocial for Android Lord Carters Transforming Pathology for cutting costs,means Hinchingbrooke need 6 more staff for 60% less work- you couldn’t make it up
ChildhoodAsthma Oct 05, 3:15pm via Web Should be doing something helpful for the kid’s asthma.
ChildhoodAsthma Oct 05, 3:13pm via Web Need strong lungs for a better and fuller life.
Hurstingstone Oct 05, 2:43pm via UberSocial for Android Exclusive: Tory chairman rocked by ‘get rich quick’ probe retweets

Hurstingstone Oct 05, 2:38pm via UberSocial for Android Poll of polls shows Tory support dropping away

Hurstingstone Oct 05, 2:37pm via UberSocial for Android

Mother fights Branson’s £132m NHS bonanza

Hurstingstone Oct 05, 2:36pm via UberSocial for Android

Architect of NHS Privatisation…Oliver Letwin’s crash course in cycle safety

Hurstingstone Oct 05, 2:06pm via UberSocial for Android

No chance,cover’s blown-PM ‘must win back the blue-collar voter’: Only 20% of so-called suspicious strivers support him

bbchealth Oct 05, 10:33am via twitterfeed

BMA head: Raise taxes to help NHS

ChrisDunne1987 Oct 05, 12:05am via Twitter for BlackBerry®

God damn hospital ques. Wish I was back in hospital in australia was awesome. Nhs is wank! They don’t even get u off ur tits on morphine ffs

ClactonGazette Oct 05, 12:44am via twitterfeed

Top A&E medic backs anti-knife campaign: A CONSULTANT at Colchester General Hospital’s emergency department has …

keepnhspublic Oct 04, 10:09pm via Tweet Button

Are you surprised? Jeremy Hunt’s private company receives money from Virgin & BUPA… #Torysleaze #NHS


archangelolill Oct 04, 10:03pm via Web

Cameron Refused To Publish The Risk Register Now You Can See What He Was Hiding. #NHS via @bengoldacre

patrickjbutler Oct 04, 8:03pm via Tweet Button #NHS budget may be cut post election, says Hunt<< but says Tories “have as much to offer the NHS as Labour ever did”.3 retweets
AnnMcGauran Oct 04, 7:12pm via Tweet Button If the plans to dismantle our NHS are serious, doctors will fight against politicians…3 retweets
mmaher70 Oct 04, 6:42pm via Tweet Button Selling off NHS services underway (From The Northern Echo)… #nhs #saveournhs2 retweets

blacktriangle1 Oct 04, 6:42pm via Facebook

10,600 sick & disabled people died last year within six weeks of their claim ending ~ Samuel Miller…

TheRightArticle Oct 04, 6:26pm via Reeder

NHS budget may be cut after election, says Hunt l Telegraph.- Sorry for the photo of the clown now running our NHS


bbchealth Oct 04, 6:06pm via twitterfeed

Hospital’s ‘catalogue of errors’

Hurstingstone Oct 04, 5:08pm via UberSocial for Android

I hear this weeks Sunday Times is doing a piece on Circle Health inc an insight at Hinchingbrooke- pity the huge cull of staff wont be in it

cheekynurse11 Oct 04, 5:05pm via iOS Nailing the lie: Time to end myth that spending on schools and hospitals caused the recession…1 retweets

cheekynurse11 Oct 04, 5:00pm via iOS

“Rude and vain” David Cameron is leading Conservatives to defeat… says Tory bible The Spectator…

iainbristow Oct 04, 8:06am via Twitter for Android

Urgent care centre…what a crock of shite that is.

DrEoinClarke Oct 04, 5:14am via Mobile Web

NHS community campaigns are uniting nationwide to coordinate their fight against hospital closures. Get in touch if this interests u.

PatientsafetyUK Oct 04, 3:17am via twitterfeed

Emergency medicine in ‘crisis’: The Department of Health is to seek reassurances on medical staffing levels in e…

CassieGunnis Oct 04, 1:30am via Twitter for Android

@totkat @dr_enid we have an urgent care centre and people get triaged to that and at night can be sent to see the out of hours GP too

AcupunctUK Oct 03, 4:55am via Web

A CONSULTANT in Colchester General Hospital’s emergency department has added his support to the Ga

Chorley_Bloke Oct 03, 4:05am via twitterfeed Campaigners call for more people to use Burnley’s urgent care centre – This Is Lancashire: Campaigners call for …

KingsburyandCo Oct 03, 12:01am via Web

We are very pleased to announce the opening of the new Urgent Care Centre at @GSTTnhs


KingsburyandCo Oct 02, 11:52pm via Web Simon Hughes MP opens the Kingsbury designed and managed Urgent Care Centre at Guy’s and St Thomas hospital
poutingpou Oct 01, 2:56am via Web Urgent care centre Staff called an ambulance, which took a staggering 6 1/4 Hours to arrive,& it was almost 4am when she reached King’s Mill


poutingpou Oct 01, 2:55am via Web

87 Yr old pensioner goes to urgent care centre because she was in pain all the Urgent Care centre could do was issue painkillers.

BBCRADIOKENT Sep 30, 8:51pm via Web

NEWS: Rumours that the QEQM Hospital in Margate is to lose it’s Accident and Emergency department are being quashed by Thanet’s 2 MP’s

misscrazynhs Sep 29, 4:56am via Twitter for iPhone

@skwalker1964 went to ‘private NHS’ urgent care centre today. I felt dirty for what they’re doing to my NHS 😔

Hurstingstone Sep 19, 5:20pm via Tweet Button

Peterborough City Hospital invite to public to attend meeting – Peterborough Telegraph:…

keepnhspublic Sep 19, 5:02pm via Tweet Button BMA debates boycotting commissioning. Why dont you just consult your members? GPs could kill ‘reforms’ stone dead…


Hurstingstone Sep 19, 4:34pm via twicca

Peterborough City Hospital bankrupt by December…..what will monitor or DoH hit sqauds do? I’d hazard a guess of nothing but staff cull

Hurstingstone Sep 19, 1:37pm via twicca

Dec 5th..the day Scrooge gets nasty- Benefits could be frozen as Osborne tries to save £10bn from the welfare budget

Hurstingstone Sep 19, 1:32pm via twicca MP’s should ask Who is to blame?…..Eleven NHS foundation trusts have serious financial problems, MPs told

Hurstingstone Sep 19, 1:30pm via twicca Nothing accidental Mr Clarke- Tory party has accidentally drifted to the right, says Ken Clarke


notselfserving Sep 19, 1:17pm via UberSocial for Android

Peterborough City,Milton Keynes & Kings Lynn NHS trusts on Monitor’s list due to finance- like Hinchingbrooke in 2006- SHA has failed them

DrJackyDavis Sep 19, 5:30pm via Tweet Button

Lilly explodes the myth of choice and why politicians keep on about it – its about the private sector stupid!

ravingleftie Sep 05, 11:21pm via Web

When being assessed by #ATOS my sister, who has Down’s Syndrome, was asked “how long have you had the condition?” Unbelievable but true.


NHSConfed_Press Sep 04, 7:43pm via TweetDeck

Hip and knee op rationing could become ‘routine’

Hurstingstone Sep 03, 7:13pm via twicca

More spin,this was supposed to have been done in 2007…Hinchingbrooke invests £120k to reduce legionella risk –

MagsNews Sep 03, 7:07pm via TweetDeck A bag of interesting letters re GPs and the #NHS #BMA #RCGP Most ppl till don’t know !


Hurstingstone Sep 03, 3:57pm via twicca Letters: Doctors’ chance to shape the NHS

mulberrybush Sep 03, 7:00pm via Web Take a few minutes to think through this via @SysThinkReview This is an achievable way to give us better services. #d


NHSwhistleblowr Sep 03, 6:46pm via Web

NHSLA: Payouts for #NHS maternity blunders for last yr = £423m. Up from £235m previous. Think about why that might be.

InspGadgetBlogs Sep 03, 6:27pm via Web

MUST READ: G4S insider tells you all you need to know about Tom Winsor law firm client G4S…

LabourPowerLove Sep 03, 6:02pm via Google

September 3, 2012 by namawinelake Last week’s announcement of cuts by Minister for Health…

bbchealth Sep 03, 5:59pm via twitterfeed Do cuts mean ‘dial 999 and wait’?


1Sourceone Sep 03, 5:50pm via Web Source One completes #officefurniture project for Urgent Care Cambridgeshire call centre

HollywoodRoad Sep 03, 5:46pm via Twitter for BlackBerry® Hospital trust spends £8k on Australia trip (From The Bolton News)… (Finding out how to stop “wasteful practices”)

booiespot Sep 03, 2:54pm via HootSuite UK Telehealth News: Aware

politicseditor Sep 03, 2:01pm via Twitter for Android

David Cameron: a man, mouse or… chicken? – British PM under fresh fire from Tory & Labour ranks @kady

terrieynon Sep 03, 4:39am via Twitter for iPhone

‘NHS Confederation’s Policy Forum contains several private health bosses.. ….claiming to speak on your behalf’…

DrJackyDavis Sep 03, 2:53am via Tweet Button

Incidental factoid – Blair paid 150,000 to speak at meeting, Tutu spoke for free. Blair is now a business #blairplc

archangelolill Sep 03, 12:53am via Web

Hospitals are being told by Govt to perform cataract ops for less than 1.5% than last year,these are cuts to the #NHS that the Gov hide!


keepnhspublic Sep 03, 12:15am via Web .@mgtmccartney @helenamckeown GPs need to do more than listen, they need to act. Withdraw from commissioning, bring the house of cards down

19 retweets Show Conversation

claireOT Sep 02, 11:07pm via NetworkedBlogs The Social Model of Disability


helenamckeown Sep 02, 9:32pm via Web

Just resigned as an RCGP Clinical Commissioning champion; I am not prepared to champion covert rationing or potentially dangerous practices

skwalker1964 Sep 02, 10:59am via Twitter for iPhone

If you let foxes into the chicken coop: profit & ‘efficiency’ in the NHS .@bmj_latest .@TheBMA .@theRCN


SaveSPservices Sep 02, 10:26am via Twitter for Android

Tory MP refusing to back growing #NHS campaign.…

keepnhspublic Sep 02, 9:02am via Tweet Button

RADIOGRAPHERS at Royal Free Hospital asked to set aside one hour a day to scan private patients. Two tier service ahoy.…


keepnhspublic Sep 02, 8:57am via Tweet Button Burnham attacks gov’t over NHS rationing – patients face the agonising choice of paying to go private or going without…


poutingpou Sep 02, 6:05am via Web The private companies, which could include the likes of KPMG or United Health, will not be able to start providing these services until 2016

poutingpou Sep 02, 5:27am via Web growing number of private firms providing NHS services,also threaten to fragment the health service by making it a less integrated system

keepnhspublic Sep 02, 2:34am via Tweet Button

Govt rejects BMA criticism – if patients denied treatment on basis of cost “we will take action’ Let’s hold them to it

Kelz_Bels Sep 02, 12:34am via Twitter for Android

@kittengez @steveheard82 I work in a&e and we have an urgent care centre and they can see you.

Show Conversation

andyburnhammp Sep 02, 12:33am via Twitter for BlackBerry®

“@labourpress: @andyburnhammp calls on Lansley to over-turn unfair NHS rationing decisions & order immediate review.”

DrJackyDavis Sep 01, 11:14pm via Tweet Button

Virgin gets its feet under the table of NHS policy making bodies, we’re getting closer to #VHS replacing #NHS…


ResistCoalition Sep 01, 10:47pm via TweetMeme

Save South London Hospitals | September 15

Hurstingstone Sep 01, 9:39pm via twicca

Exactly why they were concieved RT @DrEoinClarke: Evidence that Toby Young’s Free School is, de facto, a Grammar School…

andyburnhammp Sep 01, 8:59pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®

“@guardiannews: NHS rationing putting health at risk” > 125 treatments restricted – see #NHSCheck:

KailashChandOBE Sep 01, 7:05pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®

@marcuschown The policy of starving #NHS to death was initiated by Thatcher and no surprise son of Thatcher #Cameron fulfilling her dream

guardian Sep 01, 7:00am via Guardian top stories

Top story = NHS rationing is putting health at risk, says doctors’ leader


Amonrosier Sep 01, 4:52am via Web #Atos, you murdered that lovely lady Cecilia Burns. You sent her to look for work when undergoing chemo, but you didn’t steal her dignity.


DrJackyDavis Sep 01, 3:31am via Mobile Web

Pay back time for big pharma? NICE appraisals process to become more political after industry pressure

marcuschown Sep 01, 3:26am via Twitter for iPad

I thought an Eton mess was a dessert until Cameron got going on the NHS.


bbchealth Sep 01, 3:06am via twitterfeed Whooping cough cases ‘concerning’


chessmartinez Sep 01, 2:56am via Web

SHOCKING video of police storming peaceful protest outside DWP. Go to 8mins to see this despicable behaviour Please RT!

donnachadelong Sep 01, 1:55am via Twitter for Android

Banners in front of police at #DWP protest #Atos #DPAC #UKUncut


UKuncut Sep 01, 1:52am via Web Confirmation that at least 8 disabled& non disabled activists are inside DWP- demanding to speak to IDS& Miller (the Killer) #giveatoss


bbchealth Sep 01, 1:28am via twitterfeed Glass shape alters drinking speed


UKuncut Sep 01, 1:19am via Web Police storm through main doors at DWP- pushing wheelchair users out of the way- disabled activists being pushed around inside RT#outrageous


Right_To_Work Sep 01, 1:10am via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Police attack disabled protesters at the DWP to defend killers #atos.

alextomo Sep 01, 1:03am via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Now 200 or so blocking DWP – peaceful, dignified – here’s another rubbish photo

36 retweets DrJackyDavis Sep 01, 12:57am via Tweet Button

They knew what was coming. Worth revisiting ‘UK: Official guidelines to deal with suicide by the jobless’…

DrJackyDavis Aug 31, 11:38pm via Tweet Button

Serco in trouble again. When will they learn that you can’t replace trained staff with ‘computer generated scripts’


DrJackyDavis Aug 31, 11:28pm via Tweet Button

Orwell lives! Under ‘Better Services Better Value’ proposals St Helier will lose A&E, maternity + children’s ward…

Hurstingstone Aug 31, 12:12pm via twicca

Protests hit Paralympics sponsor offices Hundreds of disabled protesters have held a demonstration to …

poutingpou Aug 31, 4:21am via Web

South West NHS Fightback Campaign Begins…

doNOTsign Aug 31, 4:00am via HootSuite

Paralympic sponsor #Atos engulfed by disability row… 40 #Atos Health workers under investigation. #wca

poutingpou Aug 31, 3:54am via Web

Virgin Care will go down in history as one of the privateers that leads to the downfall of the NHS


Hurstingstone Aug 31, 3:16am via twicca

Parts of Stamford Hospital to be sold off – Health News – Peterborough Telegraph

Hurstingstone Aug 31, 2:25am via twicca

Localism #fail RT @EDP24: King’s Lynn incinerator is called in after record numbers write to protest #eastanglia #news


jgro_the Aug 31, 2:01am via Web Comparison with NHS re #londonmet – Hinchingbrooke Hospital in Huntingdon chalked up £30m debt and forced to go private – history repeats?


justinthelibsoc Aug 31, 1:29am via TweetDeck

So @Atos have made their twitter account “protected”. We can still tweet that #AtosKills #GoParalympicGB

MagsNews Aug 30, 7:24pm via TweetDeck

RT @DrEoinClarke: 1st #NHS Hospital to be Privatised receives a record 18% rise in complaints… #Failure

9 retweets Show Conversation

Desdelisa Aug 30, 7:23pm via Twitter for Android Would it mean under EU open trade umbrella EU private health providers can bid to provide services #NHS

Desdelisa Aug 30, 7:22pm via Twitter for Android If NHS services can be provided by private health providers does that mean patients can opt for treatment in EU. 1/2

Hurstingstone Aug 30, 3:48pm via twicca

Serco in a profits wobble after delays to spending in UK

BendyGirl Aug 30, 8:51am via Web

@campbellclaret I’m LOVING how many of TeamGB have tucked their Atos branded lanyards out of sight #paralympics

204 retweets Show Conversation BendyGirl Aug 30, 8:48am via Web

And there’s your black power salute moment. Hardly an Atos lanyard to be seen among TeamGB, they’ve hidden them inside clothes #paralympics

hughmccloy Aug 30, 8:11am via Twitter for iPhone Wow forgot about the corridor ward pics , nearly as bad bad poots

antloewenstein Aug 29, 11:25pm via Twitter for Mac

“G4S feels instead like a company running out of steam.”…


antloewenstein Aug 29, 11:24pm via Twitter for Mac Only a fool would trust #G4S and its privatising ways…… You listening world governments?


JohnRLister Aug 29, 11:15pm via Tweet Button

Fight the wage-cutting conspiracy – defend #NHS national pay Gloucestershire nurses action to protest over pay…

pinkichiban Aug 29, 9:12pm via Tweet Button

New health quango struggling to recruit enough expert staff via @guardian

Hurstingstone Aug 29, 4:34pm via twicca

Atos holds £3bn of government contracts


August 13 2012

pinkichiban 8:52am via Tweet Button

Next phase of NHS reforms will see PCTs shed 800 jobs… #SaveOurNHS


pinkichiban 8:30am via Tweet Button NHS: Save The Alex campaigners unhappy over consultants’ £19,000 fees… #SaveOurNHS DrJackyDavis 7:32am via Tweet Button Here’s something to banish post Olympic blues. Coalition government wont survive til 2015 election via @cheekynurse11 philipjohn 4:26am via Buffer Shock horror: When a *building firm* runs health services it results in monumental cock-up and people LOSE THEIR SIGHT!

August 12 2012

keepnhspublic Aug 12, 7:01pm via Twitter for iPhone

So a company that digs up roads now moves in on NHS and is alleged to have damaged patients eyesight.…

ExistentialAlan Aug 12, 6:37pm via Web

Hope you enjoy tonight’s closing down ceremony. Tories planning many more – for the NHS, Schools, Police, Libraries, Fire Stations…..

epsom_sthelier Aug 12, 1:57am via Safari on iOS

We’re spending more than £5.5 million upgrading the urgent care centre + A&E at St Helier Hospital. See here for info:…

EddieGouthwaite Aug 11, 5:51pm via Tweet Button What New Labour would like in Barnsley Charity Hospice Sheffield private hospital investment plan – Health – The Star:…

What New Labour would like in Barnsley Charity Hospice Sheffield private hospital investment plan – Health – The Star:…

andikshop Aug 11, 5:33pm via twitterfeed Now Health amends international health products – Private Healthcare UK: Now Health amends international health ……
shftelegraph Aug 11, 4:30pm via twitterfeed Sheffield private hospital investment plan: THe new head of a private hospital in Sheffield has pledged to embar… SheffieldStar Aug 11, 3:51pm via twitterfeed Sheffield private hospital investment plan: THe new head of a private hospital in Sheffield has pledged to embar… GAJazzynurse Aug 11, 1:36pm via twitterfeed The accident and emergency department at the Royal Bolton Hospital: THE Royal Bolton Hospital has announced that… carolyndv Aug 11, 12:18pm via Twitter for iPad Latest report re NHS and social media “@cathytav: social media in healthcare…#hcsmanz healthkoe Aug 11, 12:00pm via healthkoe \”Conspiracy Theory\” Proven – Taking UCSF Private… gpchambers Aug 11, 6:55am via Web .@marcuschownPrivate health sector spent unprecedented ££ lobbying the govt prior to last election. We can guess why. northerntuc Aug 10, 8:49pm via Web Shocking plans to privatise health services at the James Cook hospital in response to Coalition cuts.… EveningGazette Aug 10, 8:17pm via TweetDeck REVEALED: The health trust considering setting up paid-for services – in an NHS hospital…

poutingpou Aug 10, 6:47pm via Web

Lansleys office has been receiving money from every direction,Private health care donors. eg, Care UK gave £21,000 to HIS personal office


HealthNewsPR Aug 10, 6:15pm via twitterfeed Cherie’s just £70.5m short for her private healthcare fund – #health VeticanII Aug 10, 4:18pm via HootSuite Feckin’ private health suppliers giving the #NHS a hard time is giving me gyp this morning. They know it is being run down by #toryscum. PaulaCohenIFS Aug 10, 3:56am via Web Are private health costs spiralling out of control – must read article!… socialindepth Aug 10, 1:28am via Web @OccupyLondon Telegraph publicists for Circle Health their connections and the network promoting private hospitals… nushhhhhhh Aug 10, 12:15am via Web Just had a 12 minute phone call that cost me £20 with a private health clinic #TeamNHS simplem_ths Aug 09, 9:20pm via Twitter for BlackBerry® #nhs #saveourNhs #serco when private companies run the majority of NHS services what’s left ? Health insurance. STOP !! hmstulta Aug 09, 7:22pm via Web Bupa blamed a lack of competition between hospitals for ramping up costs. Bupa also reported 5% rise in pre-tax profits… C3health Aug 09, 7:05pm via HootSuite Just released – Cogitamus’ Report for the #NHS Confederation on social media #socialmedianhs #socmed

5 retweets archangelolill Aug 09, 6:23pm via Tweet Button

Pvt health costs becoming so expensive #Bupa warns people will no longer able afford. #NHS Independent… via @Independent

Bartontd Aug 09, 6:52am via Web

Kings Accident and Emergency Department 1983 …… New Nightingales – Working on the Frontline…

Venture_Capital Aug 09, 4:41am via twitterfeed

Riverside Company Exits Health & Safety Institute: Private equity firm the Riverside Company has sold Health & S…

bmj_latest Aug 09, 6:01am via TweetDeck

Was recent media coverage of the first privately managed NHS hospital more a public relations coup than reality?

Dewsbury Aug 09, 4:03am via Twitter for Android

Profit before humanity in care homes…

OneAddicted Aug 09, 4:00am via Crowdbooster

Understanding private health care in the UK. #health

PatientLawyers Aug 09, 2:50am via HootSuite

Scathing inquiry into abuse finds private care home for disabled people put profits before basic humanity .@Telegraph:

healthkoe Aug 09, 2:00am via healthkoe

\”Barbarians at the Gate\” – Making Private Equity Less Private, and Understanding Its Effects on Health Care…

zeno001 Aug 08, 6:59pm via TweetDeck

Private healthcare company fined for death of BBC health correspondent’s father:…

DrJackyDavis Aug 08, 6:52pm via Web

.@IscaProf Agree. ISTCs reported as excluding many pre-exisitng conditions inc mental illness and skin problems.They’re in it for the money.

1 retweets Show Conversation helenbevan Aug 08, 6:48pm via Web

Join 37k people getting free monthly updates on latest publications in healthcare improvement @nhsinstituteuk Alert

CQI Aug 08, 6:29pm via TweetDeck

Regulators and quality inspectors ‘not up to the task of stopping ‘institutional abuse’ in private care homes’ – report…

MedObserver Aug 08, 9:04am via HootSuite

UK: David Cameron moves to allow drug company access to patient records via @pulsetoday

healthkoe Aug 08, 9:00am via healthkoe

Conflicts of Interest, Government Leaders, and Private Health Care Organizations…

graham_st Aug 08, 8:27am via Safari on iOS

Utterly chilling…

Zeenatxoxo Aug 08, 7:16am via Twitter for BlackBerry® Shocking the types of people who are part of the human race. NHS/regulators/social services must take blame too. #care

8stone8years Aug 08, 6:44am via twitterfeed

Private care home put profits before humanity – Telegraph: RT @BASW_UK: Private care home pu… #health #news #blog

drmarielouise Aug 08, 6:06am via Tweet Button

In the new NHS, what the private sector wants, it gets…. Criminals and cowboys can run our health services, says Monitor

simonthomasdean Aug 08, 4:40am via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Private health+social care abusing the sick+vulnerable for profit #NHS -has accountability and responsibility built in not profit making

HSJEditor Aug 08, 4:01am via TweetDeck

Its NHS v social enterprise in battle for Central Surrey community services contract. No private bidders shortlisted:

TheScanClinic Aug 08, 3:23am via Web

Having #health problems? Get a #free consultation at our private clinic in #Essex, a stones throw away from #London.

GrenvilleNI Aug 08, 3:10am via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Sickening. Will bring u 2 tears. Private care home put profits before humanity of disabled patients – Telegraph

DewsReporter Aug 08, 2:01am via Facebook

Join the fight to save Dewsbury’s A&E department! We’re only 45 names away from the 2,000 mark. Help us reach it…

QEHBCharity Aug 08, 12:34am via Web We’re working with A&E doctors and nurses to share the knowledge of a busy emergency department with other hospitals –

HedgesLaw Aug 07, 11:53pm via Web

Police had 29 separate contacts with home in 3 years but failed to notice a pattern of abuse #Winterbourne #carehomes…

bbchealth Aug 07, 9:16pm via twitterfeed

Call for change after care abuse

PutneyDebates Aug 07, 8:55pm via Twitter for Mac

“Monitor has not just yielded to [private health] companies’ demands, it has given them even more than they asked for”

radarNews Aug 07, 8:54pm via IFTTT

Independent report into Winterbourne View Private Care Home criticises local health services & police for failing to…

DrJackyDavis Aug 07, 8:49pm via Mobile Web Coalition’s chosen NHS regulator in the pocket of those it is supposed to be regulating…3 retweets
Manuel_TSSA Aug 07, 8:44pm via Web #Winterbourne View is a private hospital which provided treatment for #NHSfunded patients. Health provision and profits don’t mix! TobyX_London Aug 07, 7:56pm via Web @Funky_Dung Example: privately run #NHS hospital much better…– its common sense choice is better state + private HantsNews Aug 07, 7:21pm via twitterfeed Plans for private patient unit at Basingstoke hospital: HEALTH trust bosses have unveiled plans to cr… #Hampshire bbchealth Aug 07, 5:38pm via twitterfeed Care scandal ‘could happen again’ CentenaryInst Aug 07, 1:35pm via Web MT @babsree UK – NHS considers organ donation shakeup via @guardian. What’s happening in Australia? cc @NSWHealth keepnhspublic Aug 07, 9:02am via Web Out-of-hours provider threatens to stop verifying deaths – ‘not part of its contract’…16 retweets keepnhspublic Aug 07, 8:57am via Tweet Button Is Parsa in a panic? Possible explanation for last week’s blanket coverage of Circle’ ‘success’… DrJackyDavis Aug 07, 8:07am via Web LibDems say they can now oppose NHS 2ary legislation (after total betrayal of it) They wouldnt recognize a principle if they tripped over it33 retweets DrJackyDavis Aug 07, 8:03am via Web

.@ProfAlanMaynard @marcuschown Dear Prof – here’s your evidence. Since when did the NHS have ‘self funded’ patients?…

Giles_Swiss Aug 07, 2:44am via Web

So Prince Philip is to have a nurse led Urgent Care Centre under Hywel Dda’s proposals. Hywel Dda didn’t listen to Llanelli people at all.

poutingpou Aug 07, 2:11am via Web

accident and emergency department at Llanelli’s Prince Philip would be replaced by an accident centre staffed by nurses

DrJackyDavis Aug 07, 1:00am via Tweet Button

So Nick Clegg betrayed the NHS and students and got nothing in return. Limp Dems deserve to be electoral toast


BromsgroveGreen Aug 07, 12:58am via Web Great turn out for the #savethealex demo on Saturday – Green Party calls for Public Health NOT Private Wealth!…1 retweets

MarkFrance62 Aug 07, 12:51am via Tweet Button

Don’t be fooled by slick NHS presentation (From Redditch Advertiser)… Public Health NOT Private Wealth! #savethealex

healthkoe Aug 06, 9:30pm via healthkoe

\”Barbarians at the Gate\” – Making Private Equity Less Private, and Understanding Its Effects on Health Care…

LaurenceVick Aug 06, 6:31am via Tweet Button

Private health provider #Circle run #Hinchingbrooke – demand more NHS contracts. #NHSoutsourcing

poutingpou Aug 06, 4:06am via Web

Lord Taverne: Chairman of private health insurer Axa Sun Life’s monitoring board.


poutingpou Aug 06, 3:52am via Web Lord Macfarlane: Cons -shares in Prudential &shares in Aviva plc,offers private health care. Shares in Smith & Nephew (Hip replacement)

poutingpou Aug 06, 3:45am via Web

former Conservative Health Secretary Virginia Bottomley is a Director of BUPA, the health insurance, private hospital and care group.

lightacandleOTM Aug 06, 12:02am via Web

@Pogasurus @UNISONActive How an MP can be allowed to be ’employed’ by a private health company whilst voting for privatisation is beyond me.

healthkoe Aug 05, 11:00pm via healthkoe

\”Barbarians at the Gate\” – Making Private Equity Less Private, and Understanding Its Effects on Health Care…

tarcusNOtoEU Aug 05, 10:56pm via Web

@DrEoinClarke NHS will not be 100% private; health companies need free money provided by tax payer #cameronisweak #osbornelies #Lansleyscum

DrJackyDavis Aug 05, 9:44pm via Web

End of basic principle of NHS?trusts offer NHS pts chance to self fund treatments/services not approved/with long waits…

BarbaraFountain Aug 05, 8:39pm via Tweet Button

NHS trusts ‘breaking the law’ by denying access to treatment via @guardian

1 retweets kamalahmed1 Aug 05, 8:30pm via Tweet Button

David Cameron, private provision of health care & a new route to cutting back the state – my column today @TeleFinance

keepnhspublic Aug 05, 7:54pm via Web

Circle run uncontested propaganda campaign to mark 6 months in NHS hospital management. Their thanks go to the BBC!…

jcoglan Aug 05, 6:35pm via Web

“Care UK, a private health company donated significant money to the office of health secretary Andrew Lansley.”…

1 retweets jcoglan Aug 05, 6:34pm via Web

“1/4 of the MPs and Lords who voted for the Bill have financial stakes in private health companies”

keepnhspublic Aug 05, 5:40pm via Tweet Button

Lansley says decisions to cut nurses jobs taken by trust boards not govt. Always delegating the blame.

RadiologyData Aug 05, 1:31pm via SocialOomph

Private hospital group Circle has opened its second new-build hospital in England, a £60m facility in Reading.

MalcWing Aug 05, 7:21am via Safari on iOS

Circle demands more NHS contracts … “scale of private companies running NHS health care in Britain could be huge”…

healthkoe Aug 05, 4:30am via healthkoe

Conflicts of Interest, Government Leaders, and Private Health Care Organizations…

mswindells Aug 04, 10:53pm via LinkedIn

Just used the urgent care centre at Ealing hospital. So much better than the old style A&E used to be. Great work!

caffarydaw Aug 04, 10:59am via TweetCr

So Voldetmort is Cameron and the Child Catcher is Nick Clegg – wrecking the NHS. But Mary P to the rescue with private health insurance?

_iainmurray Aug 04, 10:39am via Web

@ThisMardyBum… “Rochdale Infirmary…A&E…and walk in centre…replaced by a GP Urgent Care Centre open 24 hours a day”

carwill78 Aug 04, 9:44am via Tweet Button

@BBCRadio4 No evidence Circle will turn around finances of Hinchingbrooke… via @FalseEcon PR for private health co #NHS

richardblogger Aug 04, 3:01am via Yasst

“Many patients have multiple complex needs, few have a single episode of care” this is why private providers r bad idea

2 retweets ldennj Aug 04, 2:58am via Web

@socialindepth @OccupyLondon Anyone for Telegraph Health Insurance?…

bbchealth Aug 04, 1:18am via twitterfeed

Trust warning over patient care


Builduk Aug 04, 12:58am via twitterfeed Kier To Build New Integrated Urgent Care Centre: East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust will be replacing the exist…

socialindepth Aug 04, 12:48am via Web

@medialens – Director of NHS Partners Network responds to Social Investigations Telegraph, Reform article – please RT…

UKInsuranceNews Aug 03, 10:02pm via twitterfeed

Private healthcare insurance ‘one of the top employee incentives’: British workers really value priva… #insurance

joncstone Aug 03, 8:59pm via Twitter for Mac

Here’s why that private health boss was on Wednesday’s #newsnight pretending his privatised NHS hospital wasn’t failing…

helenbevan Aug 03, 5:44pm via Web

Summary of #NHSchange Twitter club discussion 1st Aug on ‘building shared purpose’. Wonderful inspiring content

azlancat Aug 03, 9:36am via Tweet Button Half a million British disabled people may lose benefits under reforms, private companies will do fit to work tests…

savethemid Aug 03, 7:03am via Tweet Button

Health Trusts £ 32 Million Pound Bonus / Cash Pot – SAVE THE MID… #tweetni #onthehill

DrJackyDavis Aug 03, 6:38am via Web

Thanks to @tweetcmw for reminding us about use of tax havens by Circle and other private health care providers

9 retweets poutingpou Aug 03, 6:11am via Web

The family doctors asked people seeking referrals whether they have health insurance, private firm Spire Healthcare found.

archangelolill Aug 03, 4:32am via Web

@The99pc Private health care companies are bleeding #NHS of public money.I’ve added link worth reading @Telegraph #NHS

socialindepth Aug 03, 12:31am via Web

Telegraph allowed their editorial to be ‘orchestrated’ by private health lobby group during ‘pause’ –… – please RT

DAlanBaker Aug 03, 12:21am via Web

Celebrated at the Olympics, UK Government Health Care Depends On Massive Private Corporation Donations. One Example

DrJackyDavis Aug 02, 11:56pm via Mobile Web

Circle need a loan at Hinchingbrooke? Perhaps they should stop paying an MP £50,000 a year to tell us how good they are.

DrJackyDavis Aug 02, 11:51pm via Mobile Web

HSJ reports loss-making Hinchingbrooke may require loan, presumably from tax payers. Funny, BBC forgot to mention that

DrJackyDavis Aug 02, 10:20pm via Tweet Button

Here’s what BBC didnt tell you about Circle/Hinchingbrooke yesterday. Lazy uncritical journalism, we expect better BBC…


JocelynABailey Aug 02, 10:06pm via Web Interesting on the upside of private provision in public services –…1 retweets
DocHackenbush Aug 02, 10:03pm via Tweetbot for iOS Chris Skidmore MP flaunts the vested interest boner he gets from news of recently-privatised Hinchingbrooke hospital…

BrodiesLLP Aug 02, 8:48pm via Tweet Button

Private healthcare company fined for death of BBC health correspondent’s father via @wordpressdotcom

archangelolill Aug 02, 8:32pm via Web

Lord #Ashcroft‘s private healthcare company makes £31,902 profit per agency worker supplied to #NHS… … via @DrEoinClarke


JamesWParsons1 Aug 02, 8:20pm via Web

Positive signs from the first privatisation of an NHS Hospital… #signofthingstocome

thepotatofarmer Aug 02, 7:39pm via Safari on iOS

The murky swamp of private health providers, including #CircleHealth, that now run #Hinchingbrooke. Tax dodge, anyone?

socialindepth Aug 02, 7:35pm via Web

@medialens – New Article: The Telegraph, A Think Tank and a Very Dodgy Business –… – please RT

Harlowstar Aug 02, 6:01pm via PCV3

Urgent Care Centre to move ‘in-house’ at Princess Alexandra Hospital

seodofollowblog Aug 02, 2:05pm via Google

Private Knee Replacement: Welcome to the award winning Benenden Hospital Trust – the home of…

hsnewsbreak Aug 02, 12:15pm via twitterfeed

Private hospital rated as adequate: A PRIVATE hospital in Scotland has been given an adequate rating by inspectors.

sunny_hundal Aug 02, 8:28am via Web

BBC Radio 4 Today programme allows private health company Circle to freely promote themselves w/o proper questioning…

CriminologyUK Aug 02, 8:11am via Tweetbot for iOS

The private health provider facility that #circle runs is apparently comparable with a hospital. Hunmmmm NO IT ISN’T.

bbchealth Aug 01, 11:38pm via twitterfeed

AUDIO: Why today is NHS ‘Black Wednesday’

anne_melano Aug 01, 10:04pm via Tweet Button

I Just Can’t Get My Head Around This: presented by Caroline Colton, Co-c…: via @YouTube

britlighthouse Aug 01, 9:27pm via twitterfeed

Circle CEO calls for more privately-run hospitals: The chief executive of the first private company to t… #Health

healtheeUK Aug 01, 8:59pm via Web

The 1st private company to run NHS hospital claims it cut waiting times, improved care & delivered savings 1st 6 months

RevPaulCA Aug 01, 6:29pm via Web

#NHS safe in Dave’s hands? No, he dropped it, into private hands. #saveourNHS articl via @marcuschown

Kristokoff Aug 01, 5:01pm via TweetDeck

Britain’s NHS: No Fun and Games #tcot #sgp NRO: Most Brits who can afford private health insurance

BrandcastHealth Aug 01, 2:23pm via Visibli

#health Private NHS hospital ‘improves’ – The first private company to run an NHS hospital claims it has cut waiting…

buy that instead.


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