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petercoles44 Aug 10, 7:25pm via Twitter for iPhone

Next week I’ll be living in Austria enjoying utopic private health insurance. Choice is the best way to get improvement. #NoToNHS


Internet_Geld24 Aug 11, 2:09pm via Gremln

The new generation of the #private #health #insurance: RSP #Capital #Consult! Now free & compare # Warn:


random_wiki Aug 11, 4:08pm via random_wiki The Bon Secours Health System is the largest private hospital network in Ireland.

authordave Aug 09, 10:36pm via Sociable for iPhone

Speaking in #Duluth MN today. About political threats to private health care. At #DubhLinnPub. Meetings at 11:30-1.

HMCCLOY Aug 06, 7:08pm via Web

Mid Ulster Hospital inpatient and out patient services face shutdown due to patients being sent to private sector, wheres Mfelt council now?


maltabreaknews Aug 06, 2:36am via twitterfeed

MaltaNews MUMN issues directives to nurses at E&A Department: Emergency and Accident Department nurses have been…


healthnewseu Aug 08, 6:56pm via twitterfeed

Romania: Healthcare Provider MedLife exceeds Expectations in the first Half on 2012: The private health network …

traduceri_bc Aug 08, 9:22am via TweetDeck

Huge differences between public and private health sector in Romania – via @GralLithotripsy


susanjones21 Aug 05, 9:48am via twitterfeed

Slovakia to Eliminate Private Health Insurers, Premier Fico Says: Knight Survives Another Day With Financing · W…


Rolando_R_M Aug 09, 3:35am via twitterfeed

#Cuba Public Health Charges in Spain Exceed Private Insurance Cost: 08 de agosto de 2012, 13:22Madrid, Aug 8 (…


buzzhandel Aug 05, 7:59pm via Twitter for iPad

Garbage swiss health care private system. Four hours waiting in the gynecology dpt of the CHUV before to be seen by a doctor #switzerland


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