Threats Emerge – 1972-1988

  • 1972-73 – NSW Hospitals Commission & NSW Board of Health dissolved and NSW Health Commission created – under Health Commission Act 1972
  • 1975 – NSW Health Commission speaks on creation of Illawarra Region  & appointment of Regional Director
  • 1977 – Ray Crux former Bulli CEO goes on to become Illawarra Deputy Regional Health Director
  • 1978 – Bulli Hospital one of the worst hit in government funding cuts – may not be able to feed patients
  • 1979 – Bulli Radiologist Gerry Ryan working to upgrade X-Ray unit – so new that not available in any other Illawarra Hospital
  • 1979 – Conditions blasted in 25 year Master Plan for Bulli Hospital
  • 1981 – Gerry Ryan made Order of Australi & Bulli Hospital & he’s proud to be world leader in Breast Cancer Detection
  • 1983 – South Coast Hospitals seek New Zealand advice on creating an amalgamated area health board – Wollongong Port Kembla Coledale Bulli
  • 1986 – NSW Department of Health creates 23 Area Health Services, effectively abolishing individual boards of hospitals and replacing them with local Area Health Boards – under Area Health Services Act 1986

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