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Case Study: Rural medical training enters digital age  #healthcare

jamespasta14 Nov 03, 3:02pm via Twitter for iPhone

SA Govt to close Repat Hosp Acute Referal Unit: #PAConf2012 @JohnHillMP

EdwinKruys Nov 03, 9:57am via Buffer

Learning to love e-health. Repost:

AusHealthITPM Nov 02, 6:14pm via twitterfeed

The healthcare case for big data: Imagine a chip that can be inserted into a pill dispenser in a patient’s home….

RuralHealthOz Nov 02, 6:12pm via Web Bringing health professionals to the Territory RuralHealthOz Nov 02, 6:08pm via Web Health careers in rural Queensland? Where else but retweets

Pall_Care_Aus Nov 02, 5:12pm via Web Extra $12.1m for National Respite for Carers Program will greatly help those caring for people with a terminal illness @Mark_Butler_MP2 retweets
NewzStringer Nov 02, 4:18pm via Web A man was injured after using a angle grinder, he is being transported to #Shoalhaven hospital with a 12 cm gash to his neck
N_H_Australia Nov 02, 1:56pm via IFTTT Canberra wants answers about Palmerston hospital

COAGReform Nov 02, 12:29pm via Web

Upcoming Menzies Centre event on health reform looks interesting – facilitated by our former deputy chair Geoff Gallop

phcris Nov 01, 5:10pm via Web

‘Potentially avoidable hospitalisations’ = most accessed article from the latest issue of PHC RIS infonet…


illawarramerc Nov 01, 5:03pm via Web Illawarra cut off from Telehealth services. retweets
HealthAgeingAU Nov 01, 4:47pm via HootSuite Improved Access to Medicare-Funded MRI Services Media Release – retweets
SydneySPH Nov 01, 4:06pm via Web Breast screening advice should be updated amid controversy over harms #cancerscreening #overdiagnosis1 retweets
EdwinKruys Nov 01, 12:43pm via Safari on iOS Patient perspective: How the cost of private General Practice Care is perceived…

ptopinion Nov 01, 10:59am via Tweet Button

Social Media offers a huge opportunity for hospitals & health services to learn from patients, & improve as a result…

markrlennon Oct 31, 4:56pm via Web

Premier BOF must stop the cuts… #nswpol #ausunions


OzRuralDoc Oct 31, 4:54pm via Web Rural GP says arbitrary bureaucratic boundaries have prevented the practice he is leaving from finding a replacement.
OzRuralDoc Oct 31, 4:51pm via Web RDAA head says govt has to stop taking in underqualified IMGs, esp now there are Aussie-trained grads needing places.
TenNewsSydney Oct 31, 4:15pm via HootSuite The NSW government’s billion dollar bungle – we look at how and why this money was misplaced, tonight from 5pm #tennews5 retweets
PRIME7SthCoast Oct 31, 4:05pm via Web The #IllawarraTeachers Union’s demanded the state drop its savage education cuts, now there’s an extra 1 billion dollars in the budget
HealthAgeingAU Oct 31, 2:47pm via HootSuite Australians Warned of Late Effects of Polio – Media Release EdwinKruys Oct 31, 10:22am via Buffer MP warns of critical regional doctor shortage in WA via @DaveInDisarray #interncrisis @abcmidwestwa strokefdn Oct 31, 9:27am via Web

Read The honourable Mr Malcolm Turnbull MP blog #strokesummit Canberra… #fightstroke

mwhaites Oct 31, 2:40pm via Safari on iOS

Nurse redundancies in Hunter New England for no good reason. Resign now O’Farrell #auspol health cuts hurt everyone.…


booiespot Oct 31, 1:36pm via HootSuite Heart Disease Risk Lowered by Flu Vaccine, Study Says | WebProNews #ACRRM #RuralDoctorsAus #RuralDocsQ
booiespot Oct 31, 1:22pm via HootSuite The medical workforce of the future | Medical Journal of Australia #ACRRM #RuralDoctorsAus #Interncrisis5 retweets
wardlejon Oct 31, 1:20pm via bitly If New South Welshmen can’t add up now, what hope will they have after the state government’s education cuts? #nswpol retweets

HealthAgeingAU Oct 31, 12:16pm via HootSuite New resources to help deliver better care for older Australians – media release –

OUTBACKmagazine Oct 29, 6:09pm via Web

Country doctors scheme gaining national recognition…

Rose8001 Oct 29, 5:09pm via twitterfeed

#Australia SA hospital slammed over NT teen’s death: THE Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide has … #Leimo

Kazi_Australia Oct 29, 4:40pm via twitterfeed Bates’ son in hospital amid probe: THE man at the centre of a nepotism scandal engulfing the Newman government i…
Lauren__Dailey Oct 29, 4:28pm via Web Health Minister John Hill reveals up to 350 health jobs and 114 hospital beds to go by 2015-16…
MSearch_Au Oct 29, 1:30pm via HootSuite South Australia hospital trial lets nurses discharge patients
Josh Inglis ‏@smosh11 @SaveBulliED @carolyndv Requires health ministers and @tanya_plibersek to stand up, show leadership and make it happen!

booiespot Oct 28, 7:03pm via HootSuite

Apple vs. Android in healthcare: who is winning? #RMA2012 #ACRRM #RuralDoctorsAus #RuralDocsQ

booiespot Oct 28, 6:54pm via HootSuite Apple announces new iPad Mini, potential to revolutionize healthcare #RMA2012 #ACRRM #RuralDoctorsAus

OUTBACKmagazine Oct 28, 3:19pm via Web

Drawing more doctors to the bush…

eHealthspace Oct 28, 3:00pm via HootSuite

Interview with Michael Milton on e-health leadership

eHealthspace Oct 28, 12:55pm via Facebook

National E-Health Transition Authority – Shaping the Future of Healthcare

OzRuralDoc Oct 28, 1:54am via Twitter for iPad #rma2012Also in November issue, feature on the good work of university rural health clubs and on RAW (aka Weekend at Shannon’s). cabs31 Oct 27, 3:32pm via Web @SaveBulliED Thoughts on the #interncrisis? It appears state and fed gov both don’t appreciate how bad #drshortage will get #auspol

dailytelegraph Oct 27, 10:54am via Facebook One in five people are using public hospitals even if they have private health insurance. Is this you or do you…

HealthAgeingAU Oct 27, 10:50am via HootSuite

#ACCS welcomes all feedback.Please visit: for your options to raise issues and to receive a response #agedcare

meta4RN Oct 27, 5:27am via YouTube on iOS

On Mackay TV: Queensland Health sacks five Nurses and an Indigenous Health Worker.…

abcnews Oct 27, 8:30am via TweetDeck

Doctors say prostate cancer tests ‘more harm than good’


ConstrucTweets Oct 27, 7:59am via twitterfeed

WCN: Thiess wins $111 million hospital expansion contract in Australia: Pursuant to the contract, … #construction

LaborDirt Oct 27, 7:20am via Labor Dirt

#auspol #HSU scandal-plagued Health Services Union oversaw a $7 million collapse in the union’s assets in just 2 years…

southmessenger Oct 26, 6:44pm via Facebook

Exciting news – the State Government has announced it will not cut funding to the McLaren Vale Hospital, which…

KangarooBeach Oct 26, 6:38pm via Twitter for iPad

Lessons here for rural docs… #rma2012

booiespot Oct 26, 5:52pm via HootSuite Vision of health system? at #RMA2012 #ACRRM #RuralDoctorsAus Pay for outcomes? Pt centred care? State/Fed conflicts? #ACRRM NZDoctor_news Oct 26, 6:16am via TweetDeck Australia: GP advocates funded to spread the PCEHR word booiespot Oct 25, 9:03pm via HootSuite

Interventions for preventing falls in older people #ACRRM #RuralDoctorsAus #SBHosps #RMA2012

rhzRFS Oct 26, 9:22pm via HootSuite

Truck tyre stockpile alight in Tumbarumba. Assist FRNSW . Stay indoors due to toxic smoke


Jessica Haynes ‏@_jessicahaynes_

Breaking news: Funding for the McLaren Vale Hospital is safe after State Government talks – @adelaidenow | …

booiespot Oct 26, 8:40pm via HootSuite To Persuade a Listener, Establish Common Ground – #RMA2012 #ACRRM #RuralDoctorsAus HBR abcnews Oct 26, 8:33pm via Web Fire safety compliance concerns in high-rises NRHAlliance Oct 26, 8:18pm via Web Com Affairs Refs Cttee: Aust’s response to WHO’s Commission on #SDOH report. Aust Health Care Reform Alliance t’script:

booiespot Oct 26, 5:39pm via HootSuite RG Surgery a major workforce and skills need for Rural Oz Communities. #RMA2012 #ACRRM #RuralDoctorsAus
booiespot Oct 26, 5:35pm via HootSuite Medicare Local debate at #RMA2012. Too new to evaluate or dismembering of failing Divs GPs? #ACRRM #RuralDoctorsAus1 retweets

booiespot Oct 26, 5:05pm via HootSuite

Sen Siewert at #RMA2012 Rural student recruitment into Med – higher levels of translation into rural practice. #ACRRM #RuralDoctorsAus

booiespot Oct 26, 4:46pm via HootSuite

Rural GP shortages top of the agenda at #RMA2012. I know 182 students who are keen to help! #interncrisis #ACRRM


booiespot Oct 26, 4:45pm via HootSuite RT @IVLINE: #Interncrisis Junior doctors and medical students call for urgent solution. GO RURAL! #RMA2012 #ACRRM2 retweets
nswnma Oct 26, 4:10pm via Twitter for iPad @RahillAlison Bankstown Community Unions launch 70 photos from the launch. @unionsnsw @anfbetterhands1 retweets

nickpmclaren Oct 26, 3:55pm via Safari on iOS

NSW health reopens investigation into Helensburgh cancer cases #Cancer #Illawarra…

phcris Oct 26, 2:16pm via Web

MT #implementationconf “pull not push” See 10 best resources for… evidence-informed health policy making article in…


booiespot Oct 26, 1:55pm via HootSuite Current staff cutbacks affecting #telehealth in Qld. #RMA2012 #ACRRM #RuralDoctorsAus Perverse Outcomes of budget cuts!
booiespot Oct 26, 1:53pm via HootSuite Will Lack of Patient Engagement Cost Physicians Their Stage 2 Incentives? #RMA2012 #ACRRM #RuralDoctorsAus

ACRRM Oct 26, 1:24pm via Twitter for Android

President Prof Richard Murray applauds ACRRM’s pragmatic approach to supporting telehealth implementation

australiaherald Oct 26, 10:18am via Tweet Feeder Australian Herald

Illustration: Rocco Fazzari IF THE next 10 years are like the past 10, changes to the private health insurance …

RACGP Oct 26, 10:08am via TweetDeck

Media release: Millions to benefit from Australian first pain management solution #GP12live

ruralflyingdoc Oct 25, 3:00pm via Tweet Button

Great opinion piece today – Internships are not a privilege to be sold… via @smh

CaseyEricaBanks Oct 25, 1:02pm via Web

Do NOT take private health rebate; consequences longer public health queues.

RuralMental_Hth Oct 25, 3:04pm via TweetDeck

Scholarship applications are now open for the Australian Rural and Remote Mental Conference in Adelaide next month

BarwonML Oct 25, 5:32am via Safari on iOS

This is what happens when population growth at 8% is allowed to occur without a plan for health care infrastructure.…

mintpixeljo Oct 25, 4:18am via Mobile Web

@LukasHabberton they’re making a statement abt the awful state of hospital care in Australia? Who knws how long that man had been waiting?!

booiespot Oct 25, 8:21pm via HootSuite

How some physicians use YouTube for networking – #RMA2012 #RuralDoctorsAus#ACRRM

RACGP Oct 24, 5:26pm via Web

Media release: RACGP highlights efforts to ‘Close the Gap’ at GP12 #GP12live

MetroNorthBML Oct 25, 12:35pm via HootSuite

What’s #MedicareLocal director Dr Anita Green writing about this week? Download your copy of The Messenger to find out!

AMLAlliance_CEO Oct 25, 12:05pm via TweetDeck

“For real change local knowledge & local solutions are essential,” Prof Lesley Barclay on #MedicareLocals, @croakeyblog

BarwonML Oct 25, 5:32am via Safari on iOS

This is what happens when population growth at 8% is allowed to occur without a plan for health care infrastructure.…

Dennis Pashen ‏@booiespot

Private payers may step up for telehealth: experts  #RMA2012 #ACRRM #RuralDoctorsAus

Dexydog Oct 24, 11:58pm via Tweet Button

Tanya Plibersek insists Labor still wants people to take out private health insurance…. Really?…

Kazi_Australia Oct 24, 10:58pm via twitterfeed

Women turned away spurs calls for a new hospital: THE Mercy hospital in Werribee has been rejecting bookings fro…

amzstevo Oct 24, 9:43pm via Tweet Button

Please don’t send me to work in the country doc! Why is rural so hard to sell? via @jbethell

RockinghamCity Oct 24, 7:09pm via Facebook

The Perth South Coastal Medicare Local wants young people to have their say about health services. All responses…

yourAMSA Oct 24, 6:02pm via HootSuite

Time for a solution. States, Federal, we don’t care, just get the funding on the table & keep our doctors in the system #interncrisis


WINNews_Gip Oct 24, 5:36pm via HootSuite Tonight in #WINNews .. Gippsland Medicare Local stages its first AGM despite an eleventh-hour bid to have it postponed. #gippsnews
NRHAlliance Oct 24, 4:48pm via Web Do you live with diabetes, asthma, kidney disease or other chronic conditions? An #eHealth record can help you manage – retweets
Responder_1 Oct 24, 4:34pm via Facebook WTF Dapto Medical Centre….3 hours waiting….
thisworkinglife Oct 24, 4:15pm via twitterfeed BLOG: A Crisis in Victoria’s Cancer Workforce #ausunions8 retweets

HCNSW Oct 24, 4:11pm via TweetDeck

1/4 people aged 50-64 report present financial strain due to prescription medications…

AMLAlliance_CEO Oct 24, 4:03pm via TweetDeck

Leading thinkers to convene for the ‘big ideas’ in health at #nphcc in Adelaide 8-10 Nov, still time to register

PHAIWA Oct 24, 3:15pm via Web

reducing #alcohol intake needs to be considered a top priority when it comes to tackling chronic disease in Australia…


NSWLabor Oct 24, 3:05pm via Twitter for iPhone Tune in now to @LiberalNSW Minister speaking in Parliament about @barryofarrell $3 billion cuts to health #stopthecuts #nswpol #sackskinner4 retweets
QldAlliance Oct 24, 2:57pm via Facebook Media release: Continuing community health cuts placing strain on the system… retweets
Ausmed Oct 24, 2:20pm via HootSuite After all the years of health reform effort and expense, what has been achieved? via @croakeyblog1 retweets
ruralflyingdoc Oct 24, 2:04pm via Twitter for iPhone “@brookmanknight: It’s Official: Using Twitter Makes Students More Engaged…” especially when there’s an #interncrisis2 retweets
GPSmapping Oct 24, 1:25pm via twitterfeed Claim Medicare local locks out GPs – ABC Online: Claim Medicare local locks out GPsABC OnlineThe new mechanism f… Ausmed Oct 24, 1:20pm via HootSuite Local knowledge and solutions are essential for health reform: the experience of one Medicare Local via @croakeyblog3 retweets

Clientfirstins Oct 24, 1:03pm via twitterfeed Health insurance rise is barely noticeable: Plibersek: People will “barely notice” the extra cost of private hea…
HealthAgeingAU Oct 24, 10:25am via HootSuite Important new medicines listed on the PBS – media release – retweets

booiespot Oct 24, 9:40am via HootSuite Insights From Healthcare’s First Big Data Conference, StrataRx | HL7 Standards @ACRRM @RuralDoctorsAus @RuralDocsQ drsreform Oct 24, 1:33am via TweetDeck Citizen jury by Tasmanian @medicarelocal: equity a “major concern”… via @croakeyblog #healthequity
EMMedicareLocal Oct 24, 11:30am via ERGPA Website Read our latest post – #fbAustralian Medicare Local Alliance – News Release1 retweets
booiespot Oct 24, 11:02am via HootSuite Vaccine Fails to Prevent Infections in Heart Surgery @ACRRM @Rma2012 @RuralDoctorsAus
booiespot Oct 24, 10:52am via HootSuite Pain Medicine News Mobile @ACRRM @RuralDoctorsAus

ptopinion Oct 24, 10:44am via Tweet Button Murrumbidgee Medicare Local receives feedback about their Rural Primary Health Service | Patient Opinion via @ptopinion croakeyblog Oct 23, 2:21pm via Web 2/2. Am doing prep for talk to CRANAplus conference in Cairns on Friday: (thanks if you can help) #hcsm #hcsmanz4 retweets

croakeyblog Oct 23, 2:21pm via Web

How can social media help remote health & remote health professionals? Any egs or ideas wld be much appreciated…


drsreform Oct 23, 1:53pm via Facebook



ParlLibrary Oct 23, 2:16pm via twitterfeed

Private health insurance rebate to deliver yet more savings for Government: The Mid Year Economic and Fiscal Out…


MetroNorthBML Oct 23, 11:46am via Web #TakingthePulse is about having a say on the health & wellbeing of your community. Attend a forum or take the survey:
MetroNorthBML Oct 23, 11:46am via Web #TakingthePulse is about having a say on the health & wellbeing of your community. Attend a forum or take the survey:

bevanshields85 Oct 23, 8:55am via Tweet Button Kooragang Island staff far more likely to be struck by cancer but NSW Health says‘ it’s most likely due to chance’’…

IVLINE Oct 23, 9:51pm via Twitter for iPad

RT @Med_Student_AT: I favourited a @YouTube video AMSAtv Episode 1: Internships #interncrisis

abcnews Oct 23, 8:07pm via Web

Australians willing to cough up for better care

australiandr Oct 23, 6:00pm via Web

What do GPs think of corporates? Check out our Special Report and survey results to find out! #generalpractice

colyers Oct 23, 4:33pm via Web

Are you a med student worried you will miss out on an internship in a few years? @australiandr wants to hear your story on the #interncrisis


messengernews Oct 23, 3:35pm via HootSuite HEALTH: A man, 71, faces nine-month wait for surgery as #Modbury Hospital surgeon strike continues #adelaide
AusHealthcare Oct 23, 3:31pm via MailChimp AHHA e-healthcare brief – 23 October 2012 – retweets
SydneySPH Oct 23, 3:14pm via Twitter for iPad RT @Sydney_Uni: Pro-smoking apps for smartphones the latest tobacco advertising outlet #publichealth7 retweets Show Conversation

coxdan Oct 23, 6:28am via Web .@NSWHealth says the higher than average #cancer rates among Port Waratah Coal Services workers is most likely due to chance.

cathimon Oct 22, 8:15pm via Twitter for Android “@NursingTimes: Will new DH standards for hospital food improve patient nutrition?” Australia could look at this!

swimcoachmiami Oct 21, 12:22am via Web

For every child who dies from drowning, another five receive emergency department care for nonfatal submersion injuries.

AMeddleRow Oct 20, 11:24pm via Twitter for iPhone

Workforce shortage of doctors, but we don’t give jobs to graduated medical students?? @NSWHealth @ACHSM #interncrisis #scrubsonthestreet

dmatthewsact Oct 20, 4:24pm via Twitter for iPhone

I voted today INSIDE the Emergency Department, where I’m waiting with someone. Go great staff from @ElectionsACT #democracyhappens

booiespot Oct 20, 12:32pm via HootSuite

RDNS gives telehealth the royal treatment | eHealthspace | Australian e-health | @ACRRM @RuralDocsAus


nickpmclaren Oct 20, 8:48am via Tweet Button

NSW Health rejects ‘cancer cluster’ talk… #Helensburgh #Wollongong

EMMedicareLocal Oct 19, 4:17pm via Tweet Button Partners in Recovery Stakeholder Consultation | Eastern Melbourne Medicare Local | Register now…
PrimroseRachel Oct 19, 3:12pm via Twitter for iPad Telehealth devices can reduce bed days & enable pts to be at home .@NSWHealth #NSWHealthAwards
PrimroseRachel Oct 19, 2:53pm via Twitter for iPad Common theme teamwork multidisciplinary or rather interdisciplinary pivotal to innovation #NSWHealthAwards .@NSWHealth
PrimroseRachel Oct 19, 12:17pm via Twitter for iPad Prof Khadra from Nepean Hospital “we need to always ask how do we make it better for patients” #NSWHealthAwards .@NSWHealth1 retweets

PrimroseRachel Oct 19, 11:58am via Twitter for iPad

Innovation needs to address “how will this help the patient” before any KPI Dr Matthew Vukosavic SAFE T Zone #NSWHealthAwards .@NSWHealth

PrimroseRachel Oct 19, 11:05am via Twitter for iPad

Need to have more conversations about end of life care and how to get it right #NSWHealthAwards .@NSWHealth

PrimroseRachel Oct 19, 10:55am via Twitter for iPad Why can’t patients attend multidisciplinary team meetings? What happens in your health care setting? #NSWHealthAwards .@NSWHealth
PrimroseRachel Oct 19, 10:53am via Twitter for iPad The patient needs to be an informed participant in the decision making process about their care #NSWHealthAwards .@NSWHealth
PrimroseRachel Oct 19, 10:42am via Twitter for iPad Telehealth enabling excellence in care in people’s homes where they want to be #NSWHealthAwards .@NSWHealth2 retweets
PrimroseRachel Oct 19, 9:31am via Twitter for iPad Dr Georgina Long 11,000 new case melanoma per year is Aust #NSWHealthAwards .@NSWHealth NRHAlliance Oct 18, 8:02pm via Web New NRHA Fact Sheet: Palliative care in rural and remote areas – @Pall_Care_Aus7 retweets AusHealthcare Oct 18, 3:46pm via MailChimp

AHHA e-healthcare brief – 19 October 2012 –

AusHealthcare Oct 18, 3:46pm via MailChimp

AHHA e-healthcare brief – 19 October 2012 –

AustraliaFlash Oct 17, 7:00pm via

ACT, federal Labor pledge new child ED area – ABC Online #Canberra #Queanbey

markrlennon Oct 17, 6:34pm via Twitter for iPhone Shire Community Union Alliance launched last night at the Tradies Club Gymea #nswpol #ausunions retweets
phcris Oct 17, 6:29pm via Tweet Button NHMRC to announce grant outcomes on 19 October via @ShareThis

PrettyPennyLane Oct 17, 5:22pm via TweetDeck I know pork barrelling occurs at election time, but I have never seen it this blatant #actelection

aiheye Oct 17, 5:18pm via yoono IRIS article featured in RANZCO news: Rural, remote and #Indigenous Ophthalmology by Dr Mark Loane, Qld. #eye #health


SmashTash ‏@SmashTash

After spending 8 hours lying on a bed in the Emergency department my Dad has finally been taken to a ward. WA Government you suck.

Melissa Sweet ‏@croakeyblog

Reviewing recent #primaryhealthcare articles, from comp meds to #globalhealth matters. HT @phcris …

PHC RIS ‏@phcris

Last weeks most popular eBulletin item “Advance care planning” … Don’t miss tomorrow’s eBulletin at …

Dept Health & Ageing ‏@HealthAgeingAU

RT @ruralhealthoz: Give a country doctor a break … rural locum work for retiring types 

#Illawarra – South Coast paramedics have dropped planned industrial action for Saturday over new roster changes.

Mildura Private Hospital is the first Sunraysia area hospital to perform Sentinel node biopsy surgery (used in Breast Cancer treatment)

@SaveBulliED @emilyalaurence And does it have anything to do with trying to keep their inhouse hospital acquired infection stats lower?

Had a great time here, but in new job will help to drive an imp’t emerging agenda in health systems globally: better data & transparency

RuralHealthOz Oct 17, 4:19pm via Web

Overseas trained doctors making a big difference to rural communities in Tasmania. Check out this interview


adamfcresswell Oct 17, 2:45pm via Web Had a great time here, but in new job will help to drive an imp’t emerging agenda in health systems globally: better data & transparency
WMOML Oct 17, 4:43pm via Web Issue 2 of our Quarterly Connect newsletter has just been released. Download a free copy –…

croakeyblog Oct 17, 7:08am via The SMH for iPad ‘Business as usual’ at Medibank, as Labor rules out privatisation. SMH…

croakeyblog Oct 17, 7:04am via The SMH for iPad Parents told not to worry after infant vaccine is recalled, reports SMH #publichealth…
KirrinaBarry Oct 17, 7:04am via Medicare Local hubs to get $600,000 for PCEHR uptake | @scoopit

croakeyblog Oct 17, 6:57am via The SMH for iPad Alarming increase in number of HIV cases, SMH report #publichealth…

Mark Butler MP ‏@Mark_Butler_MP

Calling all applicants from #NGOs to become Partners in Recovery orgs in Medicare Local regions – visit  4 more details.

NursesJobLinks Oct 15, 7:26pm via twitterfeed

AUSTRALIA: Emergency Nurse Practitioner: South Eastern Sydney Local Health District – Caringbah, NSW – The Endor…

BarwonML Oct 15, 6:00pm via Twitter for iPhone Made the submission today 4 Barwon ML to be a Medicare Local #eHealthCluster lead. We have 4 other Victorian MLs involved in the consortium DailyAdvertiser Oct 13, 2:12pm via HootSuite There’s no permanent doctor in Hay and talks between the council & Murrumbidgee Local Health District have broken down NSWRDN Oct 10, 3:13pm via Web

Free ‘Go Rural’ info evening for medical students Friday 30 Nov Crowne Plaza Coogee.Register now!…

croakeyblog Oct 08, 1:45pm via Tweet Button

Prof Tony McMichael explains his profound disappointment with McKeon Review of health & medical research #publichealth…

ACAPNSW Oct 08, 9:13pm via Facebook

Interesting training video on rural & remote medicine…

nswnma Oct 08, 4:32pm via Web

Passion and anger at the public sector day of action today #ausunions #NSWPSA #oznurses @ABCRampUp #disability

ASNSW Oct 08, 1:10pm via Facebook We’d like to remind the community to be alert and slow down, especially in 40km/h school zones, as children…

ptopinion Oct 08, 10:26am via Tweet Button

New feature stories – patients share their experience of healthcare in Australia. Patient Opinion via @ptopinion

AustProtParty Oct 07, 10:34am via Facebook

Hospital waits longest in immigration booming WA #perth #perthnews

AmeliaHanslow Oct 06, 11:55am via Web

Poor Margie Abbott, sometimes having to delay payment of private school fees & private health cover til the next month #wakeuptoyourself

NRHAlliance Oct 06, 11:12am via Web – ABC Iview Prof Ngiare Brown – Indigenous doctors look to integrate traditional and modern medicine


N_H_Australia Oct 05, 10:11pm via IFTTT More beds for Canberra Hospital: Labor

N_H_Australia Oct 05, 8:47pm via IFTTT Hospital pedestrian bridge shelved

drsreform Oct 05, 8:05pm via TweetDeck

Patients at bottom of health & medical research sector… via @croakeyblog

SAHealth Oct 05, 6:41pm via HootSuite

It’s the weekend! Have a great one & remember, #EDsAreForEmergencies. Call healthdirect Australia for health advice & info 24/7 1800 022 222

healthy_climate Oct 05, 5:49pm via Tweet Button

Energy inefficiency in Victorian healthcare: Auditor General says health department can’t assess its own ee efforts

priv8hospitals Oct 05, 3:07pm via HootSuite

@tanya_plibersek We have a quiz to see what Aussies know about mental illness. Try our #MHW quiz at #WMHD2012


jrobertsonmp Oct 05, 2:55pm via Facebook Blessing at the Succah at Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney with Rabbi Mendel Kastel, Walt Secord MLC and Ron…

ptopinion Oct 05, 12:20pm via Web

Doctors need better communication skills “if we do a better job of communicating..the need for litigation is much less”…


GlenMcCrea Oct 05, 12:19pm via Twitter for iPhone ACT Labor to invest another $74 million in more hospital beds and to boost emergency department services #actpol


GENTLEMANMick Oct 05, 11:55am via Web

ACT Labor to invest another $74 million in more hospital beds and to boost emergency department services

nickpmclaren Oct 05, 9:40am via Web

Gareth Ward turns on his own minister Greg Pearce. Tune in for the full interview now on @973ABCIllawarra #Illawarra


GinoMandarino Oct 05, 9:35am via Mobile Web When MPs attack. @garethjward goes Minister for Illawarra. It’s a job he should have.

ChronicPainAust Oct 04, 10:09pm via Facebook

Brisbane’s Community for ME CFS FM The first TV screening of ‘Voices from the Shadows’ this year. It is being…

WAtoday Oct 04, 7:23pm via TweetDeck

Doctors at Peel Health Campus allegedly paid to admit patients from emergency department unnecessarily #Perthnews

MetroNorthBML Oct 04, 7:05pm via Twitter for Android

Crowd now starting roll in for tonight’s #TakingthePulse community forum at Kilcoy RSL.

anakberita Oct 04, 5:18pm via twitterfeed WA doctors being ‘paid more’ for admitting patients: PATIENTS have been unnecessarily sent to hospital because d…

priv8hospitals Oct 04, 4:58pm via Web

Operation first for amputee at Norwest Hospital…

katenewtonnz Oct 04, 4:31pm via Web Bring generalist medicine out of the bush and into the big smoke, says rural doctor president


bevanshields85 Oct 04, 3:48pm via Web End of the line for Countrylink? Future of the regional train service in serious doubt. My story here:… #nswpol #insw


booiespot Oct 04, 2:24pm via HootSuite mHealth ideal for by Mobify @ACRRM @RuralDocsAus @SBHosps @RuralDocsQ

nswnma Oct 04, 2:14pm via Web Hunter Mental Health services workloads ‘out of control’ – story from Newcastle Herald. #ausunions #HNEH

ben_hr Oct 04, 1:54pm via Tweetbot for iOS

Free Adelaide event next Tuesday: Digital Exclusion and Health – Implications for policy, services and research


DeebleInstitute Oct 04, 1:45pm via Twitter for iPad Deeble Institute Health Policy Evidence Briefs now online. Five available at our website – open access.…


ACRRM Oct 04, 1:45pm via HootSuite RANZCOG Rural Obstetrics Day #RMA2012: Procedural workshop focusing on recent updates & current best practice mgmt

abcnews Oct 04, 12:29pm via TweetDeck

Venom of lethal black mamba snake produces surprising outcome in mice – pain relief without toxic side-effects


Mark_GPH_CEO Oct 04, 12:20pm via TweetDeck Here’s a preview of a new CCU patient room at Greenslopes Private Hospital. Next is Maternity Service March 2013


australiandr Oct 04, 10:09am via Facebook Ever wondered what doctors would have to do in an emergency situation in rural Australia? 52 rural GPs will find…


ChronicPainAust Oct 04, 9:16am via Facebook Interesting article on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) safety net in The Conversation today. It suggests…

johno0910 Oct 04, 7:46am via Tweet Button

McKeon review: we need to integrate research and health services… via @ConversationEDU

healths01 Oct 04, 1:54am via twitterfeed

Hospital probes claims elderly woman neglected: One of Australia’s highest profile hospitals has launched an inv…

adantyaquilakp Oct 03, 4:02am via Twitter for BlackBerry®

The hospital’s management in australia is so shitty.I can die any second waiting in the emergency loiter room.shudve rested at home 😦

australiaherald Oct 02, 8:26am via Tweet Feeder Australian Herald

South Australia's public hospitals are leading the country in Emergency Department performance, according t …


PACFOZ Aug 11, 1:53pm via Mobile Web

The PACFA Board meeting this w/e in Melbourne – discussing ARCAP lobbying to private health funds and government and committee reports.

joeshughes Aug 10, 6:06pm via UberSocial for BlackBerry

My friend has been at Royal North Shore since 10am and still hasn’t been operated on. Shows the importance of private health care I guess..

GinoMandarino Aug 09, 8:45pm via Twitter for iPad

Having a look at the NSW Commission of Audit released earlier today. Our own Gerard Sutton AO was part of it.

Thehillsprivate Aug 09, 11:30am via Web

The Hills Private Hospital are proud to be the major sponser of 5000 steps November 2012 (mental health awareness walk in the hills shire)

ChrisGray_BEC Aug 08, 10:57pm via Facebook

Changes to the Australian Government Rebate on private health insurance | Australian Unity Health In

kel_holbeck Aug 08, 10:55pm via Twitter for iPhone

@xnollyx entitled to Australian health care & to take out private I’m an Aussie citizen, passport holder with no rights in either country

proactive_au Aug 07, 11:23am via Facebook

Pulse Health CEO talks about the private hospital sector and Eden acquisition

priv8hospitals Aug 06, 3:37pm via Tweet Button

$15m Hutt St medical centre planned for St Andrew’s Hospital | adelaidenow:…

OBPRGov Aug 06, 10:44am via Web

The #AusGov #RIS on the Outsourcing Standard for Private Health Insurers is available on #OBPR’s Website #PHIAC #Health…

PerthDailyNews Aug 05, 1:24am via

Bed shortage hurts the sick and elderly: A SHORTAGE of more than 3300 aged care beds is leading to hospital…

Internet_Geld24 Aug 04, 2:08pm via Gremln

The new generation of the #private #health #insurance: RSP #Capital #Consult! Now free & compare # Warn:

uhailzeixn Aug 04, 10:34am via TweetCr

Should have been a dentist. Billed for $427 for a clean for 2 ppl #faint . Thank god for private health insurance!

DTNAustralia Aug 03, 4:14pm via twitterfeed

DTN Australia: $15m medical centre for Hutt St: A $15 million medical centre with a state-of-the-art chemotherap…

OBPRGov Aug 03, 1:19pm via Web

The #AusGov #RIS on the Outsourcing Standard for Private Health Insurers is available on #OBPR‘s Website #PHIAC #Health…

BellyBellyNews Aug 03, 10:33am via Facebook

“New research shows reforms to private health insurance in Western Australia led to more caesareans and surgical…

NieshaHefner Aug 03, 9:21am via WPTweetily Roxon hints bigger private health role

australiandr Aug 02, 4:32pm via Web

The number of caesareans has jumped since reforms made private health insurance more affordable, researchers claim.

PerthWife Aug 01, 8:56pm via Web

@DearBabyG My private health insurance doesn’t cover maternity and obstetrics.

brookmanknight Aug 01, 8:53pm via Twitter for iPhone

@marcuschown @ardgy_bargy Australia is a mixed private/public system. Incentive is to see as many as possible per hour. Not mental health.

kimvonthek Aug 01, 8:40pm via Twitter for iPad

Twitter, do I have to pay the Medicare levy if I don’t personally pay for private health insurance? I’m still under my dad’s insurance…

lifeagentcareer Jul 31, 5:53pm via twitterfeed

Bupa warns of private premium price shock: Of the 36 health funds in Australia, prepayments last month at Bupa, …


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