“Give us those doctors and nurses” – resident proposal to help community E.D.s caught in funding drought

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 Media release : 13 July 2012    Bulli ED 2012/#5

Residents will present today an innovative proposal to help save Illawarra and other community hospital emergency departments from downgrades and closures.

Members of the Save Bulli Hospital Emergency Department Group (Save Bulli ED Group) believe the federal government should use the windfall gained from reduced tax concessions for private health insurance to fund staff for smaller hospital emergency departments.

Their proposal, addressed to Federal Health Minister Tanya Plibersek, will be handed over to the Hon Sharon Bird at her 74 Crown Street office (Wollongong) at 10:30 am on Friday 13 July to be conveyed to the federal government.

“Earlier this year, Tanya Plibersek announced that savings made from cutting private health tax subsidies could pay the salaries of an extra ‘13,000 extra doctors or 26,500 nurses’. We think that’s an excellent idea – and we know exactly where to put them. We say, put those thousands of doctors and nurses into hospital emergency departments now under threat of closure in the Illawarra and across Australia,” Alison Fettell, convenor of Save Bulli ED, said today…. MORE



Media contacts:

Ms Alison Fettell, Convenor, ph 0412 011 052

Ms Caroline Colton, Co-convenor, ph 0419 609 173

For a list of NSW hospitals identified in 2010 as under potentially threat, many of which are indeed now facing downgrades or closures, see Simon Benson, “Is Your Hospital at Risk,” The Daily Telegragh, 5 March 2010 at http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/is-your-hospital-at-risk/story-e6freuy9-1225837122583