Personal Stories of Bulli Hospital Emergency

We’d love to hear your and experiences of Bulli Hospital and its Emergency Department.

You can share them in the Comments section below or drop us a line by email at


12 thoughts on “Personal Stories of Bulli Hospital Emergency

  1. Jennifer H-S shared the following on SaveBulliED’s Facebook page :
    “We need it more than ever, after being misdiagnoised at Wollongong Hospital due to being shafted into fast track, I have concerns about going back there, the Northern Suburbs need better after hours facilities and the Bulli ED should be better staffed and equipped to handle our growing population.”

  2. Kathryn H shared the following on SaveBulliED’s Facebook page :
    “Happy to joint the fight. My children were all born there. We need this service in the northern suburbs.”

  3. Kerrie C shared the following via Patient Opinion Web page :
    They fixed up my grazed eyeball really fast.

    Also shared :
    I’ve had good experience with Bulli Emergency over last few 10 years – dealing with our family’s dislocated hip, cracked rib, foot fracture, asthma & ear drum near perforation from severe infection (I’d actually had an appointment to check it out at Woonona Medical Practice but they cancelled due to not enough doctors!)

  4. Alan H had strong words of support on SaveBulliED’s Facebook page :
    ” it is simple for the last 12 years the South Coast has not had a strong leader tto bring comunites together and fight for Public Hospitals what has happened to the save the Public Hospitals Committe that the SCLC had in place that answer is the SCLC is controled by Unions NSW and the ALP who will sit on there hands cry what are the Liberals dowing but they were doing it as well whilst in power….. Let me know if you get a picket line going I will be there for the duration if needed and bring some bodies with me”

  5. Scott B also supported the campaign on SaveBulliED’s Facebook page :
    “I totally agree Allan. But…. we just can’t let the powers to be (which ever Govt), close down the Bulli E.D. We need PEOPLE POWER to stand up and FIGHT this!”

  6. Tony N shared on SaveBulliED’s Facebook page ”
    “They say if you suffer chest pain you need to get to hospital in the first 10 minutes which increases your chance of recovery , if you live in Thirroul even Bulli , Woonona can you get to Wollongong Hospital in 10 minutes , could an Ambulance get from Wollongong to Bulli then back to Wollongong in 10 minutes ????? Superman could !!”

  7. from Jeanette M :
    “my children were born there but even better I was also. Mum worked there for years Bulli Hospital needs an ED too far to go to wollongong but you have to wait so long in wollongong”

  8. Suzi W says :
    “I have used ED countless times, sudden break out of rash all over my daughters body and all those toddler bumps and falls, this year when I sliced the top of my finger off, older clients with severe stomache cramps and DVT – one who broke a finger in an electric car window – Bulli ED…where would we be without you !’

  9. great comment from Karen W :
    “When my husband and I first moved to Bulli it wasn’t long before we made use of Bulli ED. 18 years and 4 children later we have been regular customers ever since.”

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