Resolutions from Save Bulli E.D. Public Rally July 29 2012


The community at the Save Bulli Hospital Emergency Department Rally (Save Bulli ED) held on 29th July 2012 resolved that:

1. The following model be endorsed as the community’s preferred model of care for the Bulli Emergency Department situated in Hospital Road Bulli:

2.  We demand that the model endorsed by the community in resolution one be adopted by the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District and that a dedicated recurrent budget be made available by current and future governments to sufficiently resource (including doctors and nurses) this model.

3.  A community-based board be re-established to oversee the running of Bulli Hospital and the Bulli Hospital Emergency Department

4.  The Consumer Advisory Committee for Bulli Hospital be reinvigorated and their terms of reference strengthened to allow for greater input into decisions made regarding service provision and patient care at Bulli Hospital.

5.  The Bulli District Hospital, including its Emergency Department, be refurbished or rebuilt whilst maintaining or upgrading all services.

6.  Everyone present at the Rally today commits to continued action by spreading the word via all avenues open to them regarding the need to keep Bulli Emergency Department open 24 x7, and to support further action to ensure all levels of government heed and respond favourably to the resolutions agreed on by the community today.



2 thoughts on “Resolutions from Save Bulli E.D. Public Rally July 29 2012

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