What is an Aged Care Centre of Excellence ? What can be expected ? What was promised at Bulli ?

Construction of the new Aged Care Centre of Excellence at Bulli is coming along as anyone can see even as they exit the Northern Distributor in Bulli.

So what exactly is an Aged Care Centre of Excellence  – what can be expected – what was promised ?

According to the ISLHD , IRT, Gareth WardRyan Park  & HINFRA :

The new Aged Centre of Excellence at Bulli will deliver:

  • 60 aged care beds managed by Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District
  • 60 residential care suites managed by IRT
  • an Urgent Primary Care Centre that will continue to provide medical services for Northern Illawarra residents and visitors who present with minor illnesses and injuries between the hours of 7am and 10pm.
  • ambulatory care services including medical, nursing and allied health outpatient services
  • on site clinical support services including medical imaging, pathology and pharmacy
  • a range of non-clinical support services including food and nutrition, cleaning and asset maintenance.

The Centre of Excellence will become a leader in the provision of aged care across the Illawarra region.”

Also from Gareth Ward :

“‘’The facility will provide a much better service to the people of the northern Illawarra region, with a focus on geriatric medicine and primary and community health services.”

Letterbox drop leaflet

What else in the Northern Illawarra ? – ISLHD 2012 – 2022 – Media Release

A full range of community based health services will be provided such as child and  family health, wound clinics, chronic disease management and community and home

Services available in the Northern Illawarra will include:

Multidisciplinary Geriatrics
Aged Care Assessment and Transition Services
Emergency primary health care
Occupational therapy
Social work
Palliative Care

Will Bulli’s also include features like in Kiama’s Centre of Excellence in Aged Care – as was reported to include :

“recreational facilities, including a community hall and, through the refurbishment of the heritage-listed Barroul House, a cafe and further communal areas.”


Full transcript of August 16 2012 NSW Parliament Hansard including Bulli Hospital

Fighting for Bulli Hospital Emergency Department at NSW Parliament House with Ryan Park MP for Keira

Full transcript of August 16 2012 NSW Parliamentary Hansard including Bulli Hospital upgrade debate in NSW Parliament Legislative Assembly : http://t.co/Cvbcim7R

Extract from Hansard covering Bulli Hospital Debate only : https://savebullied12.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/bulli-hospital-upgrade-parliament-august-16-2012.docx

Fighting for Bulli Hospital Emergency Department – outside NSW Parliament House with Dr John Kay – MLC – The Greens

Read who said what :

  • Ryan Park
  • Lee Evans
  • Noreen Hay
  • Gareth Ward
  • Andrew McDonald

Acknowledgement to Bevan Shields for providing link to Hansard to Save Bulli ED


Fighting for Bulli Hospital Emergency Department to be kept open 24 x 7 x 365 days / year

“You tell them, Ryan! – Bulli Emergency Department must be saved!”

Save Bulli ED Group logo

Save Bulli ED Group


 Media release : 14 August 2012    Bulli ED 2012/#10

“You tell them, Ryan! – Bulli Emergency Department must be saved!”

On Thursday 16 August at 3:30 pm, Save Bulli Hospital Emergency Department Group (Save Bulli ED Group) will be on the spot in NSW State Parliament, protesting outside and then watching closely as the debate on the future of Bulli Hospital unfolds.

The debate in the lower house was instigated by Ryan Park, member for Keira, who gathered 10,000 signatures from concerned residents in support of increased funding.

“I don’t know if they’ll let us show our Save Bulli ED placards in Parliament,” said Alison Fettell, Save Bulli ED Convenor, “but we’ll be there in the public gallery, urging our politicians to LISTEN to the community on this issue!”

Over the last week more reports have emerged about the great need for a fully functioning Emergency Department at Bulli Hospital. There have been heart-wrenching stories about major incidents up in the north that required immediate life saving care, as well as reports about the life-threatening bottle neck that is Wollongong Emergency Department.

“The community in the northern Illawarra has the Bulli Emergency Department that is capable of saving lives and taking the burden off Wollongong. Why should we lose this essential service?” said Ms Fettell. “We will continue to fight to ensure this service is maintained to an appropriate level and kept open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,” she said.

The Save Bulli ED Group is making representations to all level of government and across all political persuasions in the hope that common sense prevails. “Our meeting with our elected representative Lee Evans was disappointing,” said Ms Fettell. “He would not commit himself to supporting his southern constituents on this critical issue.”

Representatives of the Save Bulli ED Group will protest on the steps of State Parliament at 3.30 pm on Thursday 16 August to make their voices heard before Ryan Park has his debate on Bulli Hospital on the floor of Parliament at 4 pm.

“All residents are welcome to join us on the steps of Parliament.” Alison said.


Media contacts:

Ms Alison Fettell, Convenor
Ms Kerrie Anne Christian, Co-convenor


Note  – The Save Bulli ED Group formally submitted the community’s six resolutions to Lee Evans, member for Heathcote at his offices in Engadine, on Thursday 9th August.

The six resolutions, which were agreed on at a packed rally of over 500 people in Bulli Masonic Hall, had a strong focus on the community’s demand for the retention of the 24 hour, 7 day a week doctor-led Emergency Department at Bulli Hospital.


Media Stories generated :

Illawarra Mercury : The fight for Bulli’s after hours heats up

Illawarra Mercury : Family in plea to save Bulli Hospital

Illawarra Mercury : What’s next in battle for Bulli ED?

Wave FM News : Skinner a no-show for Bulli Hospital debate

The Bulli Times : Battle for Bulli Hospital goes to Macquarie St

Event : Hospital 10,000 Signature Petition Debate – NSW Parliament – August 16 2012

Event Notification : Time to show support for Bulli Hospital ! Bring those placards along to NSW Parliament House to the Debate on the 10,000 signature petition on Bulli Hospital :

Where – at NSW Parliament Macquarie St Sydney

When – Thursday August 16 2012 at 3.30pm.

Local Supporters at Bulli Hospital – May 2012

Ryan Park, MP for Keira,  initiated the petition with NSW ALP Opposition Leader John Robertson in September 2011. By April 2012  10,000 signatures had been collected. The petition calls for support for upgrading Bulli Hospital as follows :

Bulli Hospital needs urgent upgrading to improve and expand services. Failure to improve these vital services will result in a reduced level of health care available to residents.

The undersigned petitioners ask that services at Bulli Hospital be upgraded and improved for the local community.

Save Bulli ED is encouraging Northern Suburbs residents to rally outside the NSW Parliament On august 16 2012 at 3.30pm – with placards of support for Bulli  hospital.

Prior to the Debate in the Parliament, it is hoped that Bulli Hospital supporters will be able to speak outside Parliament House with Lee Evans MP for Heathcote, Ryan Park MP for Keira, John Kay NSW  Greens MLC and Drew Simmons NSW State President Australian Democrats & Candidate for Heffron.

The Petition goes beyond the current campaign being waged to Save Bulli Hospital Emergency Department from being downgraded, by the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District Board, to an Urgent Care Centre open from 7am-10pm only.

Great to see @RyanPark_Keira lodge 10000 signature petition in Parliament

Alison Fettell, Convenor of SaveBulliED, the newly formed action group in Wollongong’s northern suburbs said she was delighted that Ryan Park, NSW MP for Keira, has lodged the 10,000 signature petition for Bulli Hospital.

BulliED is fighting to save Bulli Hospital’s Emergency Department.

Alison recently attended a recent forum on the future of Bulli Hospital Emergency Department