Update for Save Bulli ED supporters

Dear Save Bulli ED supporters

Just a quick update. As you may know we have met with Ms Michelle Noort, Director of Operations at the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District (ISLHD), 3 times over the last 7 months to attempt to get the ISLHD to listen to the community. Not a lot of success there – but we have kept at it.

Ms Noort made a few comments in the media recently that we had to respond to – which made it look as if we were prepared to discuss a lesser than 24/7 service at Bulli. We were not prepared to discuss that, and we made that clear. The ISLHD made the assumption then that we would not talk with them at all. This was not the case.

We wanted you to know that we have been – and continue to be – prepared to talk to the ISLHD as long as 24/7 is the basis of that discussion. Yesterday we spoke to a representative of the Board and Mr Arthur Rorris of the South Coast Labour Council, and Mr Rorris is happy to work with us on opening up dialogue between the Save Bulli ED Group – representing the community concerned about this issue – and the ISLHD. We also want you to know that we do NOT see ourselves as deal-makers, rather we will attempt to influence the ISLHD, and the politicians, to ensure they provide the best possible 24/7 emergency care at Bulli Hospital, in line with the model that was endorsed at the Rally on 29th July.

However we may be put in a position to either agree or disagree with an option that the ISLHD present – but if that happens we will consult the community to discuss any option put forward. That has not occurred to date.

The Save Bulli ED team worked tirelessly for weeks on our submission to the Board which was in response to the ISLHD Health Care Plan (which cost the ISLHD $400,000) and our submission was sent to the ISLHD Board on Friday 14th. We did not charge them for our skills!!!

We also attended Bulli Show last weekend for the both days (Sat & Sun) from 9-4 where we handed out fact sheets and a ‘Call to Action’. We disseminated 600 of these sheets over the two days so we really are hopeful that people will act on our suggestion of writing to our state politicians – Evans and Skinner – to influence them to provide the funds for Bulli ED to continue to run 24/7. The Show was a great success and the support for the Save Bulli ED Campaign continues to be overwhelming.

We hope that you consider contacting Evans and/or Skinner yourselves over the next two weeks as we believe that a decision on Bulli is imminent. The Board is meeting on October 8th and, in the team’s view, this will be the date of the decision.

We hope this update is useful and that you feel that you are being kept informed. If you have any questions please email us at the Bullied.12@gmail.com

Kindest Regards
Alison Fettell for
the Save Bulli ED Team


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