No spin and no smoke and mirrors — the Save Bulli Emergency Department role is clear

Save Bulli ED Group

Media release : 28 August 2012    Bulli ED 2012/#13

No spin and no smoke and mirrors — the Save Bulli Emergency Department role is clear

In today’s Mercury, officials of Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District (ISLHD) invited the Save Bulli ED group to “help thrash out the details” of changes to Bulli Emergency Department which would remove both the lifesaving services of the ED and the overnight emergency services.

On 29 July, the Save Bulli ED Group was endorsed by the community at the Save Bulli ED Rally to lead the community’s fight to keep the Bulli Emergency Department open — 24 hours a day, seven days a week — and to work with the ISLHD towards this aim, including an upgrade of the facilities for the service that exists at present.

The Save Bulli ED Group stands for just that, to SAVE the Bulli Emergency Department – there’s no smoke and mirrors, no spin.

If the Emergency Department is lost at Bulli, with the Emergency sign removed, as mooted by Ms Noort in the Mercury today, this will not be the fault of the community, or the group leading the Save Bulli ED campaign — it will be a decision, and in our view a grave mistake, that will forever rest with the ISLHD Board and the bureaucrats who are advising them.

“The Save Bulli ED Group is happy to work with the ISLHD to develop a best practice model for retaining a level 2/3 Emergency Department at Bulli, and to assist in any submissions or proposals to lobby the government for funding to support that goal,” said Alison Fettell, convenor of the Save Bulli ED. “We have experienced writers, researchers, editors, sociologists and health administrators in the group who would be happy to contribute these skills to keep the ED open.”

“However, we have not been given a mandate from the community to concede to or help design anything less than an operational 24/7 Emergency Department. It would be remiss of the group and a betrayal of the community to help plan a downgrading. Officials say it isn’t a downgrade, but they admitted in the Mercury today that they plan to remove both lifesaving services and the overnight emergency services — if that isn’t a downgrade, what else would you call it?”

The community have spoken loud and clear on the need to retain the ED 24/7, and the ISLHD have been presented with the wishes of the community on a number of occasions. 

On behalf of the community, the Save Bulli ED Group will be presenting a formal submission in response to the ISLHD Service Plan directly to the Board in the hope that the community’s voice is truly heard, their endorsed model seen and properly considered, and their much loved and needed Bulli ED saved.


Media contacts:        

Ms Alison Fettell, Convenor
Ms Caroline Colton, Co-convenor


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