Save Bulli Emergency Dept July 29 2012 Rally – Live Comments

SaveBulliED5:37pm via HootSuite

Local Health Board Chief Prof Denis King braved hostile crowd to explain Board’s position- but 600 angry people not happy with what he offer

SaveBulliED5:35pm via HootSuitePublic Rally stories – incl 12 yr old cut artery & ambos couldn’t get to him & told his mum take him to Bulli ED otherwise would have died
SaveBulliED5:33pm via HootSuite@shaun_prince @MelissaJaros local health board advocate US style model replace Bulli ED-but news clip of health care for US poor shocked allShow Conversation
SaveBulliED5:31pm via HootSuite@MelissaJaros @shaun_prince at one stage there were up to 200 people outside listening via loud speakers at #SaveBulliED rallyShow Conversation
SaveBulliED5:31pm via HootSuite@shaun_prince @MelissaJaros we believe up to 600 attend #SaveBulliED rally – in wheelchairs, walking frames, walking sticks, babies in pramsShow Conversation
nickpmclaren4:20pm via Twitter for iPhoneNew resolution: build a new hospital across the road while old hospital is maintained. Adopted. #SaveBulliED
nickpmclaren4:18pm via Twitter for iPhone@shaun_prince calls for a completely new hospital. Not supported by the meeting#SaveBulliED cites eg of Manly.
nickpmclaren4:16pm via Twitter for iPhone3. Community based board reestablished#SaveBulliED
nickpmclaren4:15pm via Twitter for iPhoneResolutions 1. Community model endorsed as priority #SaveBulliED
nickpmclaren4:12pm via Twitter for iPhoneMC: Why aren’t the public servants taking note of what the people want? #SaveBulliED1 retweets
nickpmclaren4:10pm via Twitter for iPhoneProf King told the group wants to save the ED (wild applause) #SaveBulliED the rest of the hospital is not the issue.
nickpmclaren4:07pm via Twitter for iPhoneProf King: medicine has changed, some services ie cardiac can only be offered in one place, so no time for assessment at Bulli#SaveBulliED
nickpmclaren4:05pm via Twitter for iPhoneProfKing: public sector services will not be contracted to private sector; Bulli EdD will remain ‘free’ #SaveBulliED
nickpmclaren4:04pm via Twitter for iPhoneProf king: I don’t know anyone who thinks the Dapto Private Hospital project will go ahead#SaveBulliED
nickpmclaren4:02pm via Twitter for iPhoneProf Denis King: “the illawarra & Shoalhaven have been under funded” #SaveBulliED
nickpmclaren4:00pm via Twitter for iPhoneThe land the Bulli Hospital stands on was donated by local family #SaveBulliED
nickpmclaren3:58pm via Twitter for iPhone“without Bulli Hospital both myself and partner probably wouldn’t be here today” resident. #SaveBulliED
nickpmclaren3:56pm via Twitter for iPhoneWe are yet to hear from Prof Dennis King yet#SaveBulliED
nickpmclaren3:54pm via Twitter for iPhoneEx Kiama Mp Bob Harrison currently speaking #SaveBulliED
johnkgreens3:53pm via Twitter for iPhoneHeart rending stories about the importance of 24×7 ED at Bulli. Shame no Coalition MP hear to listen.4 retweets
NewzStringer3:52pm via Web@MelissaJaros how is all going???? sounds like a lot of people turned upShow Conversation
nickpmclaren3:51pm via Twitter for iPhoneHalf the people here it seems we’re born at Bulli Hospital #SaveBulliED
nickpmclaren3:49pm via Twitter for iPhoneEx policeman telling stories of saving people’s lives #SaveBulliED
johnkgreens3:47pm via Twitter for iPhoneNorthern Illawarra community deserves 24×7 PUBLIC emergency retweets
nickpmclaren3:44pm via Twitter for iPhoneAlice Scott talks about her (failed) campaign to save the Port Kembla ED #SaveBulliED
johnkgreens3:44pm via Twitter for iPhoneAt Bulli huge meeting to save Emergency Dept 500+ angry citizens sending powerful message to retweets
nickpmclaren3:40pm via Twitter for iPhoneKaye: I want to come back in 2 months when the winter of our discontent is over.#SaveBulliED
nickpmclaren3:38pm via Twitter for iPhoneKaye: nothing scares politicians more than a big crowd of angry people #SaveBulliED
nickpmclaren3:37pm via Twitter for iPhone3rd commitment is to expose urgent care centre model as stalking horse for privatization #SaveBulliED #nswgreens
nickpmclaren3:35pm via Twitter for iPhoneGreens say funds need to be made available to fund medical staff #SaveBulliED
nickpmclaren3:34pm via Twitter for iPhoneJohn Kaye from Greens says health care must stay in public hands. Greens will fight for level 2 emergency dept #SaveBulliED
nickpmclaren3:32pm via Twitter for iPhoneThis is a slick presentation, it includes video from the USA & interview from UK#SaveBulliED
MelissaJaros3:30pm via Twitter for iPhone#SaveBulliED says 601 private beds under construction. Claims #BulliED is in competition with private facilities.1 retweets

nickpmclaren3:29pm via Twitter for iPhone630 Private hospital beds currently under construction in the Illawarra #SaveBulliED
nickpmclaren3:26pm via Twitter for iPhone32 km of coastline would have no services for pregnant women & babies after 8pm#SaveBulliED
cocococo103:19pm via Web@gordonbradbery Hundreds of locals at Save Bulli ED – they are wondering where you are, tweeting asking this question.1 retweets
nickpmclaren3:16pm via Twitter for iPhoneLife expectancy in the US 74 compared to 82 in Australia #SaveBulliED
nickpmclaren3:15pm via Twitter for iPhoneUrgent care centers in the US have not reduced waiting times #SaveBulliED
nickpmclaren3:13pm via Twitter for iPhoneUrgent care centre model was developed in the USA, where most are privately run, speaker says #SaveBulliED
MelissaJaros3:12pm via Twitter for iPhone@shaun_prince @SaveBulliED yep I think you might be right. At least another 100 outsideShow Conversation
nickpmclaren3:11pm via Twitter for iPhoneNo bulk billing available from GPs in northern suburbs, despite recently receiving $1 million from fed govt #SaveBulliED #auspol
nickpmclaren3:10pm via Twitter for iPhoneBulli the only emergency dept in northern Illawarra for 20,000 people and the only health service operating after hours#SaveBulliED
nickpmclaren3:01pm via Twitter for iPhone@SteelyGreen thanks all the Drs & nurses in attendance & reads out letter from Frankie j Holden who helped save Pambula Hosp.#SaveBulliED
nickpmclaren2:57pm via Twitter for iPhoneRorris: “it is an act of barbarism to close this”#SaveBulliED
nickpmclaren2:55pm via Twitter for iPhoneBulli HospitalED had 7098 attendances in 2011 #SaveBulliED
nickpmclaren2:53pm via Twitter for iPhoneRorris says don’t listen to the experts when they tell you it can’t be done #SaveBulliED
nickpmclaren2:52pm via Twitter for iPhoneArthur Rorris says society has its priorities wrong when community built hospital like Bulli can’t be maintained #SaveBulliED
MelissaJaros2:43pm via Camera on iOSMore than 300ppl at @SaveBulliED rally! All the details #WINNews 6.30pm retweets
nickpmclaren2:43pm via Twitter for iPhone“now is the winter of our discontent” Alison Fettell #SaveBulliED
nickpmclaren2:42pm via Twitter for iPhone#SaveBulliED group wants ambulances to return to Bulli. Part of their own alternative model.
nickpmclaren2:33pm via Twitter for iPhoneFmr councillor & former Bulli resident Trevor Mott MCing. #SaveBulliED
shaun_prince2:31pm via Twitter for Android@nickpmclaren at least 500 locals here + 3 WCC councilors & A Rorris attendance1 retweetsShow Conversation
emilyalaurence2:31pm via Photos on iOSmy son’s first rally #savebullihospital a good cause to start with! #wollongong

willongong2:30pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®#Greens MLC @johnkgreens and Clr Jill Merrin at Save Bulli Hosp rally, huge crowd!#SaveBulliED
nickpmclaren2:29pm via Twitter for iPhoneI have also spotted a number of #wollongongcouncillors #SaveBulliED
nickpmclaren2:27pm via Twitter for iPhoneInterested to see if any pollies turn up. So far have only spotted @shaun_prince#SaveBulliED
nickpmclaren2:24pm via Camera on iOSAt the #SaveBulliED community meeting. 300 inside, 200 more outside. Packed.#wollongong #bulli
willongong2:22pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®Massive turnout to Save Bulli hospital rally, hall totally packed, hundreds outside!#SaveBulliED
shaun_prince1:48pm via Twitter for AndroidVgood crowd building at Save Bulli ED rally.


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